Joe Biden The Liar & Sexual Predator 2019 – 2024

started in 2021 and will go until he is out of office

The Amazing lets go Brandon Christmas video

100 proof Ashley Biden was sexually abused by Joe Biden. We are not fans of child abuse and you are the fucking man of the year for child abuse, You lie about your son your kid is dead not from war he was home.

You would think he would be worried about giving toxic ingredients to people in the form of a vaccine, but can lied to the public about how his son died. So he can pretend to be a gold star family you filth

Does a fireman hit by the toxins in the aqueous film form foam who have died or killed themselves from the damage and cancer it causes. did they die in a fire? No get over your bullshit.

Hunter is a fuck up, Ashley is as well,you are corrupt In bed with china and Ukraine.

The Ashley Biden threats are priceless you and your brother did the same exact thing but yours shows how mental you are sexual and drug fiend you sounds like a good time to us. Hunter is just a fucking drugged out and rapist.

So you can check the start dates and the text to match for fact checking

Here is Ashley Asking for it back and the drama that followed as corrupt creepy abusive joe has a lot to answer for but sadly no one holds him to account for his actions

Raise the resolution so you can read the document full screen YouTube lowers the resolution in order to prevent you from reading and manipulating you to click off the video. We will be uploading without youtube they are removing views censoring and affecting the website

Shhh this never happened

Hunter Biden smoking crack while imprisoning black Americans. Daddy is the get out of jail free card

A whistleblower has come forward with documents and phone calls of joe biden and burisma making deals for 5 Million dollars while vice president ( as always the FUCKED BITCHES of INVESTIGATION cover for him) Sorry we mean the lying fbi, shit we mean the bs fbi, damn it we cant seem to stop it WE ARE TRYING TO SAY THE HONEST HONORABLE FBI. AT least we know they will answer important questions the Americans have honestly

No they are not part of NATO but we are going to treat it like they are and create a new world war

Joe Biden Page created 2/27/2020 updated 10-24-2022 updated 4-4-23

realize in the middle of his lie it cuts to the bitch who is the one responsible for the financial problems Janet yellin repeatedly stated that inflation was trasitory when in fact it was created by the lockdowns and everything joe biden and his cronies did under covid now he claims he saved you all from it as well Still waiting for the apology to nom dead family member because of your lies

Look her up and see how much of a fuck up she is and why our country is where it is today. Feckless little troll
joe biden want to build a wall to keep Mexicans (his words) out and the google protest document for Donald Trump for saying the exact same thing
joe biden did check his watch as the 13 soldiers he killed came home Dont for get the innocents killed from pulling out of Afghanistan

surge the boarder
build the best voter fraud system in history ?

the most provable lie ever told by Joe Biden. 12-21-2021

Below is a laywer’s who are sueing over 45K dead after the first three days of vaccination. but before you read that here is his own DOD Ai project salus proving he has no fucking clue what he is talking about. How many of you were vaccinated after this.

look at the date and then go to page 16 and ask did anyone tell you these ?

This document shows the opposite of everything joe is saying. below this document will be the lawyers and the true censored. But this page is for joe and not covid.

Here you go the truth about it all miscarriages death neurological disorders
Hey Hunter your in the clear. But I never once spoke to him about his over seas dealings hahahah fucking liar

Corn Pop Was a Bad Dude ! how could we not add this racist confusing and almost gibberish of a speech.

the hard to find corn pop speech

The second amendment is not absolute
Joe biden lies about hunters lap top with text from a white house visitor who is working with hunters stating it was great to meet his father
Hunter Biden Income VS Your Income
2019 debate I will end the oil industry
promise to end fossil fuel
Joe Biden is forcing the U.s to go electric and it will raise all the prices for everything as oil is what transports everything around the world
Openly states he knew that sanctions would do nothing to Putin and so he did it anyways after signaling it was OK to have small incursions

Joe Biden – de fund the police
Joe Biden Human Trafficking Operations
I Cans REedz GOOD
The constitution is always changing
Build Back Better is not Joe Biden’s Plan

please censor the information that we are trying to hide.

Joe Biden Anti Vaxer
Just Biden opens the door for Russia to invade and he is the reason we now have war
Wait there are background players LOL who control the world …. no way
Joe Biden Comedy act
longer before he was running we were reporting
Not of Man