Schools and Xbox giving away LGBT agenda video games to kids now. Also asking them for donations of your money. Parents beware. Microsoft will censor this

we would like to thank news guard for the label and you know it is incorrect so hide this all you like.

So you have an issue with it in schools, you have an issue with it in books being sold to children through propaganda and now you have big tech asking for kids to donate to the lgbtq community which by proxy is sexual information being sold to your children. The simple fact that this is one the screen means they click it get the info you may have an issue with them getting and then they take your money and donate it to this cult. Time to wake people your kids minds are the battlefield and if you can feminize men turn females into boys and yet the deny renfield disorder as a mental disorder when its no different in anyway.

In a odd way of advertising this game to everyone of all ages the first chapter was given away for free and that was how our team became aware of it. So a free game that was advertised to kids and they were allowed to download free and play a game dealing with sexual themes about gay life and trans bs
if you want to see what your kids where given to play freely

the games name is tell me why. So yes please tell us why this game was given freely to children over xbox?

As you read that it is literally the fucking same as a trans person shouldn’t those of us who fall under this category deserve credit as well. how about we try and sell this to children as a equity and inclusion/
as you see it is a early developmental disorder with sexual and psychical abnormalities correct.

Now on to their actual agenda as you can see everything they sing about grooming children and making them gay. ( we have no issue with gay people as they are factual and historical drag queen are now using children in their shows and no drag queen story time. isn’t just nothing we have photos of a literal dick hanging out with one of them is reading to a girl on his lap. As a little boy they use as propaganda and he goes around in public almost nude twerking for the older drags. This is about corruption of innocence and manipulation of society.

Do not fuck with our kids heads and don’t try to sell us you are not being predatory as we can pull all of your cards and prove it.

As stated before if you think we are a hate group we have openly stated we have gay employees and they find this just as sickening. We will never accept you trans community as their pronouns and desires to be labeled by what they fuck is pathetic and sad. This is now becoming a trend and not an actual issue as it was noted that people are now using this as a tool to get special treatment. Look up the high school rates in the us of who identifies as what now and you will see the stupid kids all fall in line.

But we are just find with this in the end you will all kill yourselves off because you cant breed.
if your trans and so you will diaper at some point due to the fact you cant have kids.
only females can produce eggs and only men can produce sperm.

there is also a new trend with hormones men can now some how breast feed babies through there nipples. Men are not intended to do this and the body has not been tested nor have these drugs to see if there are side effects for the children as the are literally drinking sex changing hormones.
Hey this is a population control we can get behind

take your pills to change what you feel you are but if you were dug up 1000s years later they would look at you with confusion a man dress as a woman after they do a dna test and implants laying next to the body. You cannot ever change what you are born as get the fuck over it and get out of this cult.

we say strait pride parades are needed and it should be equal to the month the LGBT get.
you are literally almost 0 percent of the actual population and we are supposed to change words and reality so you feel better go fuck yourself.

We would also like to point out Xbox has now purchases blizzard who owns call of duty, world of Warcraft, and diablo. (you know those names because all your kids play them)

the issue we would like to expose as well is that xbox has been illegally data collecting on your children. They had to settle with the FTC for the violations and now they own the company that most or all your kids play the games of and blizzard is known for requiring online logging to play so they can data collect as well.

This in tern blizzard will now give microsoft a bigger data collection set.
your kids are being studied and used to learn how to manipulate them.
they are also being listen to in party and voice chat in games. your kids are spied on daily wake up

not allegations you fucking did do it.

to explain how this was done. Xbox offers free games in order to play those free games you make a contractual exchange to trade your data for the game and if you feel like paying for a skin or gun (say in fortnight) you just paid to have your child pay to be spied on.

now the second part of this was the ability to track trace and get as much information on the person as possible some of the things collected from the children’s accounts were phone numbers emails contacts voice chats messages.

Through the app they could message and see their friends online. With that they had access to browser history texts and emails. the literally could watch every step you make because you op in when you use the phone app or any free game.

now xbox owns blizzard and call of duty and so on as of recent they have forced you to make a thrid party account through the service it allows the person to change their gamertag but in fact what you have done is given your information to blizzard or call of dutys data collection system. Never before in the history of game have we been forced to be online to play games, use cloud gaming on a console only and have you claim that the x will play all the same games that the x would it only would have down graded graphics. Well that was a lie as well try to play resident evil 4 on the s. you wont be able to.

Also when the xbox one was release they only wanted the games to be used in the cloud and the claimed it was so the software and hardware could be upgraded and run smoothly in game play. This gaming community screamed at them to not do this or they would no longer buy the product. Xbox talked shit about its own users because they didnt want this and forced them to give the console an update to not require it to be online 24/7

Now this is the next step in the gaming world as if you are online they can read see and listen to everything and use it for marketing. This is a massive privacy invasion and we are old enough to remember when the xbox 360 launched it had zero adds and was all about gaming and community now you pay to get adds and agendas sold to you while you are online. Which was never what the gamers paid for greedy fucks

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