Donald Trump fraud, Indictment, Video Confession, Recording, All PDF’s & threat

We do not like either side they are both the same coin but with differing faces

They are attacking him to stop him from running without a doubt

We have to make a point to explain that he has openly been telling the republicans to not pass bills
in which is would stop the boarder issues and more – the reason was states as he does not want to make Joe Biden look good for the election. So this is exactly what we warned of this man will now use every bit of his power if put back into power to attack the very people who do not like him and not focus on the issues at hand as he see’s his issues as the issues of the entire country. Anyone who uses Americans in this dishonest way. The Country need the help and you want to deny it so you look better

the D.O.J Donald Trump indictment.

The Recording

Not of Man