It seems spotify is being caught by our listeners.

What our listeners send us is enough to prove all of what is stated here and in a court room.
So at this point what is going on is they have started the game. They are running tests on our listeners and we can see them. LOL Thanks for the info friend @ spotify the watchers are many people not just one. We will be asking for the person with the most knowledge of this situation to be deposed when it
comes to that point. You can even see from what our listener abi sent us that they do not show this information and this play list is public yet cannot be found anyone wanna guess why ? We believe the files will be here in the next few days.

We really should give Abi a job!

All Not of Man Albums Span 20 + years of music.

This document will explain in detail as to why the censorship against the band has been so massive and illegal. Because you are not supposed to hear the educational information in not of man’s , music.
They are and will always be a normal band but at times they release music with information from the very mouths of the people in the document.

As A sample on their top ten play list it shows slight of truth and contagion as top song.
both of which are on the warnings albums yet they will not let you see the real titles as they go back to the b sides and decide to use the covers and track names of the older versions

1. Listeners and businesses have sent in videos of our playlist being censored (shuts down mid play)
Suddenly Shuts down the internet.

2. from we see its been shown that not of man is heavily censored esp in America
at times we will see some from Ohio or washing dc. but the vast majority of listeners seem to be in Vietnam

3. if the listeners are all from Vietnam, Yet this is an American band how is this possible ?

4. Going off spotify listeners that went from over 2.1k a month to only 135 listeners in 4 months.

5. Now what we have seen is that playlists are censored while the video shows it is public.

6. Also they have shut down listeners spotify while streaming. (we have video)

7. Not only this but it seems that spotify is absolutely fine with violating anti trust laws in America.

8. We are not sure why you seem to harass our listeners and require them to alter their accounts including but not limited to shutting down the account. stating the internet in their company has lost connection when all other services seem to be running fine.
1.until you send a tracking email
2. force password changes.
3. Claim people who listening to us are suspicious

9. We understand your email with the embedded trackers to trace. where the login is coming from.
we have even been given those.

Not of Man has the constitution and more to protect their music and their rights you all have openly violated and now are attempting to stop our listeners.

We will not allow you to silence us and if we need to take all of you censoring us to court we would love to depose all of you to know why and who told you to do this shit.

Esp to a band with freedom of speech. Has members who are openly Gay and because you know nothing about the band you censor them.

Soundcloud youtube spotify apple and amazon now all are on the anti trust violations list for the not of man records label.

All of the documents will be uploaded once we have them all put together.

Not of Man