Coming Soon the Dirty little secret of Depression medication (SSRI’s)

This form of medication in the fine print reads now pay attention this is only zolft but all ssri’s have this
warning and you will give you some names if you would like to research while we finish up this story.
Search depression medication names like zolft and then you will see each one has this warning.

You see that box right there. The huge warning for adolescents the one no one is realizing that your dumping this shit into the kids to help them through depression yet we are seeing a uptick in suicide and violence to others. Now realize this isn’t just for kids this also has this effect on adults.

Now read below that where you can see it causes sexual dysfunction something a child in development does not need in their lives you want to confused and make it to where you cant even have a little death (self pleasure) who is fucking up the kids heads the news the politicians and the dr’s wake up get educated and understand the actual facts behind the motives.

the increase in violence can be attributed to these medications and the strange new violent world we are becoming more and more over time. But dont worry they have robot police dogs to handle you now and drones being used by the police to violate the 4th amendment in santa monica.

This is another step in destroying mental health if you cannot learn to deal without these medications the companies now have a life long addict of their medication and if you do not believe these are addictive if you are on them tell the dr you want get off them cold turkey. You cant you will have seizures and possibly die.

Also you look at the people who have had to use Xanax for longer periods and try to get off the withdraw is years

The reason we bring this up is that during covid the governments literally fucked up the worlds mental health and they knew it would do this. here is bill gates telling you on the news

Not of Man