Hunter Biden, Charging & IRS Whistleblower Corruption plea deal and indictment Documents updated Nov 28 2023

June 25 2023 started updated Nov 28 2023

Hunter Biden will be indited by the end of Sept 2023 for his gun charges and is looking at 25 years in federal prison. But we all know daddy will not let that happen.

So the issue that the media is not properly reporting on. Is Hunter Bidens legal team decided at the last minute with all the agreements made and to proceed on with the case. Slipped in more legal tricks to get hunter out of more trouble later. There were two documents and if the judge had not read both versions she would have never seen. That his team added he cannot be charged with anymore crimes in relation to other legal issues he has going on like Ukraine, getting that massive diamond, china and more including the very very unspoken child porn on his lap top.

So again the Biden family tried to pull a fast one and use a get out a jail free card by hoping the judge wouldn’t read the documents in full. To bad you for she did and the funniest thing about it was she told hunter to get a job and stay off drugs….

End of update
You would never be able to just walk away from charges like this yet Robert Hunter Biden gets to ? HMMM.

The Watchers Joe and Hunter Biden Documentary video’s and at the very end is The lawsuit that proved Joe Biden told big tech and others to censor and silence information and stories that pertain to him and his son. 1080p 60fps
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