How to Fact Check Us !

We openly invite all to fact check us
to Find almost any document
Type it in a search engine exactly how it is typed.
you will find 99% of all the information that way!
We have simply done all the research for you.
In hopes that we may help people around the world finally get the truth

while 1% may have been removed or censored
you may not be able to find it on your first try as
this work takes tenacity and extreme effort to find documents
and Intel they have tried to keep hidden.
You will always find some sort of documentation
but know that unless you have the exact name or
log number of a document you will almost always never find it

As an example All the COVID side effect were known in Oct 30 2020!
Now if you don’t believe us this is how you fact check us.

The search engine that is the most bias, and fraudulent of all time and censors us proves to you that we tell you the truth and always have been ask any of them at google or the government to explain this and they never will. As you can clearly see everything they claim is a new side effect has been known as a side effect before you even got the shot.






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