YouTube exposed: Chapter 3 Censorship of medical information and Front line Dr’s during the COVID 19 pandemic

Pay attention to the pdf page he skips full document below YouTube removed this video

On page 16 you will see the side effect for the vaccines they promoted as safe and effective yet the side effects show nothing but deadly and life altering side effects yet this was not allowed to be seen. Why because they wanted to control the information the public could get if you knew these side effects at the time no one would have ever taken the damn jab.

YouTube has openly censored information that was public including the front line medical Doctors who spoke out against the measures being used to vaccinate and lie to the public.

Documents that could have saved you or a family members life during the COVID 19 pandemic by censoring government documents to hide the side effects.

YouTube / Google / (All the Same Company) even went as far as removing medical universities like the johns Hopkins university’s studies and COVID 19 war games

The CDC internment COVID camps ( the shielding approach),
Silent weapons for quiet wars, and EVEN! FDA CDC and WHO Documents
showing the vaccine has deadly effects ) end of page

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