Henry Ford & president bush’s & unit 731

Ford build parts for Nazi’s and used the slave labor of the Jewish prisoners being awarded the grand cross of the eagle

A common things the united states does it play both sides that that they win regardless. the us pardoned scientists from unit 731 and Nazis for space travel. when you can benefit the government your crimes have no validity and that is still the same today. unless you have something of value for the alphabets you are fucked but if you do they will help you.

Skull and bones
39 Broadway Manhattan NY

Unit 731 documentary with all the details you have never heard of before. we also have the banned film laboratory of the devil which will be added as it is one of the only movies ever made on the subject and shows in detail the horrors that went on. This is another highly censored film and unit 731 is still denied the details that happened to this day.

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