About Not of Man

Here at Not of Man We are not looking to change your political
view or way of life. We are simply trying to give you more
information than the media is willing to offer.

As Fox News, Cnn, MSNBC, are paid by corporate interests and
big pharma. If you step on the toes of the people who pay the
bills you can no longer pay your own.
So you cannot trust any news channel.

We do not ask that you trust us.
Our information comes from whistleblowers, Intel community
, Doctors, the U.S Government , and you everything back be fact checked
and we literally show you how to find the information for yourself.

We do not belong to any group affiliation or political party
when we see something wrong we report it.
when we have the evidence to back up our claims we give it.
That’s why you will get the documents and not the news on our site.
Our news stories may come off as leaning in a political direction
it is not meant to lean but speak blunt and truthfully without censorship
about the topic and the psychological and societal effects

Side note Nothing on our site requires you input personal information and we would never want you too risk your privacy or online safety. We want people to have the freedom to get what they need from our site and get our music from known vendors as to leaving the safety and security of using your information to the massive companies and leaving you anonymous on our site. We would like to ask that you do not comment or input any information into our site. If you see a comment section it is because we did not remember to turn it off
DO NOT COMMENT on anything we post

To the injured who have been censored and forgotten you are
not alone.

Not of Man has had 2 Family members injured by the vaccine
1 had a heart attack the other got a booster shot and
suddenly has stage 4 cancer in 5 organ’s. Caused by their
LNP’s (Lipid Nano Particles) which was censored
it will be rewritten and re posted

We do not discriminate we educate.
We love all, and want everyone to live life without fear and a
better understanding of the world around you.
no strings or political affiliation, we are not paid to report.
we do this out of concern and love.

Love – All of us @ Not of Man

1.We would like to let any and everyone who visits our site, the right to use any news content created

2.As for *Not of Mans Music* you are free to post and are authorized to use them for your own videos. Only if you have streamed it or purchased it.

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4.We only ask that we get a tag added to all of our work.

5.and for gods sake download all the PDF’s read them please get an understanding of whats actually going on.

Nothing on our site costs a thing all the #Covid-19 studies trials and vaccine inserts, along with many studies that have remained hidden from public view are all free for education and research

Please consider donating by purchasing an album all of this took years to compile and add with more coming daily. 

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