Walmart & the Fake China Recordings while 15 days to slow the spread 2019 Comedy GOLD.

Walmart Recording remember 15 days to slow the spread.
Don’t questions us!
We are Walmart and rule you. now buy our products you slaves. After your done get the F out of here ! The old videos are some of the funniest to go back and watch. Loving the comedic gold
if Walmart forced you to be vaccinated against your will.
this site has all the information needed to sue them into the ground.
Any work place for that matter.
Time to stand up and say never again !
Start with informed consent and the Nuremberg code
getting the documents off our site to prove all of it.
Walk in and own them they did this to you for 3 years and expect this to go away in a puff of smoke

remember your businesses remained closed and shut down but for some reason these fucks could do anything and everything they wanted. Including violating the rules and having people shoulder to shoulder indoors through 2019 – 2021. Now after they have manipulated the entire society with fear please take your mask off for the new face recognition system. (we have the videos of it in action on your kids in schools)

we should also ask Hillary Clinton why she was warning Australia and France about the Wuhan lab while she was secretary of state. Oops was that a secret….. (cable: 0*state ***0*_a)

Just wait till they say you cant wear a mask anymore because a safety reason

Thanks for shopping now get the F out
be scared not one person has this happen in America so why was the fear mongering so damn high !!!!!!! possibly using fear to control a population and see how far you can push before people push back. Interesting study on the human condition don’t you think

we have the documents we are talking about and far more with Clinton. They were given by a whistle blower and know they are secret / classified. but as a media outlet we would like to publish them for you. But ask yourself why is a document about Hillary Clinton warning countries about china bio weapons and specifically Wuhan.

we will choose our day and our time.
but the document cable: 0*state***0*_a

that way its understood we don’t lie.
It’s far more fun to be blunt tell the truth and watch the reaction
we know you watch us and think we are some how DVE’s
when you lying frauds hide everything you have done.

we will never raise a fist or a weapon our weapon is a pen and paper
along with our team of guitars and musicians to help expose everything legally.

You literally killed and injured our family members with your bullshit vaccine and we will never stop exposing you for this.
Not of Man