Man Has Become God:

This is the moment life changes.

The document explains that life can now be made in a dish with stem cells.
While this will help in many way with understanding life.
This now give the ability to create life from nothing.
This has proven man has become god. A fully functional heart and brain from Stem cells.
Understand the moral issue that will arise with this.

At some point this will lead to the ability to clone to perfection.
right this moment we can clone goats and other animals

1.When this does become a fully functioning life?
2.will it have the same rights as Human’s ?
3.Is it human ?
4.will they be able to walk with us ?
5. will they be like cattle only to be used up for part’s.

Yes we know for many this is a stretch, but you have to see where the science will lead.
Not just what we are told at the moment.
This has amazing potential to do great good.
But this can also be devastating in the future.

What if they realize what they are and rise up for the same rights.
Sounds like a movie right!

This is all out out of left field and we are just thinking ahead do not claim this to be happening
the cloning defiantly is real however so is hybrid humans.

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