Youtube Exposed: Chapter 4, The Google Whistle Blower (ML Fairness, Pro Fair)

google lied under oath to the US government and no one noticed they didn’t hold them to account.
So that means they knew and if they really cared they would have stopped this. But in fact these very tools have been used to censor silence and remove freedom of speech this is the expose on googles ML fairness A.I now you can see big tech for the fraudulent fucks they are.

please pick up his book as this man is a hero and has exposed exactly how the manipulate through race and media. Including A.I learning class ML Fairness. as we go farther into why all of this is valuable information to have we will supply all the documents he is talking about and videos as evidence.
Part 1 This is used with permission by proxy through James O’keefe
part 2 This is used with permission by proxy by James O’keefe

As you go through the below documents you will see there is nothing fair by removing males from search’s and adding females while say for example for scientists. A highly man populated field. If you understand clearly what is being done here is they are removing some of the males and inserting females when they could just include them all not try and even a playing field that is even in any way. So their fairness become unfair to the others who worked just as hard as the females but they are looked over because of sex. This is not equality this is called equity and it is sexist for males and females to go through this on either side. They also consider the race and sexual orientation a factor in the level of awareness that is brought to them. Does this sound like a logical and fair A.I or A discriminatory system of oppression. Yet they will label this fairness

The paper below shows that google found itself to be racist

In the next section we will break down some of the people and their mindsets who have been the people behind the ML UNFAIRNESS. All the way to the documents to the have removed and censored, Drs from speaking publicly on covid 19. Their censorship of medical information, factual medical information in order to keep people getting shots they do not need. We will even include all the vaccine side effect they censored from the public so you wouldn’t be scared to take a vaccine still being tested on the public and has no actual authorization in any country. They went as far to censor Ron Johnson openly saying it on tv.
They would give any channel that had it a strike as medical mis information when in fact its 100% true

Not of Man