The Watcher reports

This is educational historical documentation of the pandemic That has been hidden from the public. We Do not support any political party or group. we are independent thinkers who want to share everything we know.
We have no intention of changing your political view or way of life
we want to offer you information and an opinion that has been silenced for 3 years now (free speech) They went as far to censor the band not of man over the topics they sing about. It has been a crazy 3 years and we finally can put it all together and show you whats really happening in our eyes.

if a page loops back to the home page it is being censored
if you seen blocks with blank spaces those are images you have been censored from seeing. Last but not least if you see a grey box with missing video and an error. That video has been illegally removed and censored from the story. Why would they do all of this ?

we are now seeing the stories embedded changed into a link so you cannot see the information provided in the link. (photo and explanation this is in hopes you do not look at those stories) we will show you a video of all embed functioning then being changed to links no edits or cuts just alterations to the site we did not do. When we have asked about these issues and censorship it seems the emails become lost in a void. We get 0 response, Thanks HOST! ( makes everything more questionable when the host refuses to explain the issues ) Video below

How to fact check us
Xbox Spying on your Children and you.
Gavin Newsom Showing his racist face ?
San Francisco pedo chior
Wu han / Covid 19 Origin
Remove Gascon
Electric car dirt secret
This has been changed to not show the photo and information
debt ceiling 23-2025
enjoy a laugh
Homelessness drug issues violence and murders

from DEC 12 1992 WW2 law allows the government to spy on anyone who connects to the internet ( dial Up days )

Question everything
Social Media child abuse
World Economic Forum talking about enslaving humanity
the next spy on Americans bull s.686
The FBI was at the capitol jan 6th 2021
joe biden lying compilations
joe biden and the tv prepare you for war
United States and Ukraine bio weapons program
Ukraine Caught committing war crimes

Gavin Newsom & Richard Pan are Frauds
Gavin Newsom coming to take the homeless away
Youtube theft and data manipulation
Youtube spread misinformation during covid 19
Youtube censored tons of drs who spoke out against what was being done but they censored all of them
Google youtube manipulation of voters and social engineering thought processes in order to reach a political goal.
Youtube Hidden vaccine information they have tried to hide and censor.
Vaccine Side Effects
Bill Gates Center for Population control. Literally the second thing said as they are giving an award to a DR
More Dr’s Censored By Youtube
Kaiser Permente Covid 19 Nuremberg code Violations
we told you
Masks are bullshit
All of fauci’s emails
COCA CALLS were calls / meetings with groups wthin the cdc discussing all the vaccine effectiveness and issues along with a lot of strange conflicting information
All the war games up to covid and after
The Bullshit lie that was the Vietnam war
The Biggest Youtube Story will all the information from each chapter with more information
Seems they called it and more

Not of Man