Mark Zuckerberg: Instagram, Meta, Facebook Child Abuse, Murder, Suicide. Exposed 04-21-24

7-23-22 updated 11-2-22 updated 11-4-2022 updated 11-7-2022 updated 11-02-24

He lied in the public hearing today and here is some more information to show you exactly how much he does not give a fuck about your kids, The entire hearing will be posted but while we are working on getting that up in segments try to find his opening statement and then listen and read their own documents on the page and you will see he states studies show that there is no impact on mental health. While their very own study shows the exact opposite. ( the documents are on the bottom of the page )
fuck you mark!

We cut the entire hearing into segments of hour long parts so that you can always come back to the video and time you left off and not have to watch 3 hours and 20 mins of exposing the abusing murder and sexual exploitation of your children and many many others

His opening statement is a proven lie by his own internal documentation so please understand he did not use his data he used others so he is lying and omitting information in order to look better than he is.
He also stands up and apologizes for killing and harming the children on his platform. Which is an acknowledgment of guilt yet he protected by section 230. He and his companies are directly connected to child sexual abuse, sexploitation, suicide of massive numbers of children by his very product. we believe he should not be held accountable for anything with his only company but the lives he has taken with his own actions. he has knowingly harmed and killed your kids

You can hear him lie to everyone in the room and then see the documents to prove it. first clip lie, last clip he apologizes for harming, killing, and trafficking children on his platforms. Again fuck you mark !

C.I.A LifeLog is Facebook
Thank you to project veritas
Facebook gives social credit score to vaccine hesitant
facebook social credit score whistleblower 2

From manipulating elections, and your emotions with facebook / meta. Mark has made himself a human test factory and you are all his subjects. we will be posting the videos of you explaining to the world how elections should be run and how you did the test runs to see how the voting will go. Good luck censoring it now.

on to meta data

Metadata is “data that provides information about other data”,[1] but not the content of the data, such as the text of a message or the image itself. There are many distinct types of metadata, including:

  • Descriptive metadata – the descriptive information about a resource. It is used for discovery and identification. It includes elements such as title, abstract, author, and keywords.
  • Structural metadata – metadata about containers of data and indicates how compound objects are put together, for example, how pages are ordered to form chapters. It describes the types, versions, relationships, and other characteristics of digital materials.[2]
  • Administrative metadata[3] – the information to help manage a resource, like resource type, permissions, and when and how it was created.[4]
  • Reference metadata – the information about the contents and quality of statistical data.
  • Statistical metadata,[5] also called process data, may describe processes that collect, process, or produce statistical data.[6]
  • Legal metadata – provides information about the creator, copyright holder, and public licensing, if provided.

Metadata is not strictly bounded to one of these categories, as it can describe a piece of data in many other ways.

Your phone is a weapon they use on you and you do not know its happening. everything you do is now monitored and studied to predict human behavior for their A.I system as well as marketing you are worth less than the data that facebook has on you.

Facebook has run studies to manipulate the mind. By just manipulating what you see in your feeds you can alter someones perspective and outlook on life. You can create racism and hate to any group. Meta has already been a playing ground for pedophiles and groomers alike. we will be updating this frequently because mark has hidden plenty from all of you. He knew he was hurting you and he did it anyways.

its time to wake up and stop saying i don’t do anything wrong what does it matter.
it matters because in the end you will have 0 privacy because you gave it all away for a free chat service
the internet has literally ruined the world because people are so uneducated about the facts and what is being done in the background and mark has had a massive hand in it

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