Ilhan Omar & Ayanna Pressley support Hamas raping and murdering children and mothers.

We notice many of you democratic socialists have stayed very silent about these issues and we believe after you removed funding for police and are responsible along with aoc for ruining this country leaving violence and destruction in your path. Now we ask instead of ruining what you touch will you support human rights to not be raped and murdered because of a belief.

Democratic socialists in history have also been called nazi’s

Your stupid ass comment of how many dead Palestinians is enough. When the terrorists learn their lesson about attacking innocent kids and mothers taking hostages and so on. When is enough raping and killing of innocent kids and mothers enough on both sides not just one. See this is the point we are making this uneducated C.U.N.T a public figure. We will be uploading her and the bald beast who helped blm burn down the us in 2020 having a complete fit over the fact they cant speak the truth.

The video of their public terrorism of 2020 on the American public through threats violence removal of police funding and leaving stores and cities to burn. You can see and hear they wanted all of it

Democrats threatening to kill the president of the united states as well as blow up the white house de fund police and more.

Not of Man