Google lies & proves they are terrorists, a threat to the United States, & freedom of speech. Susan Diane Wojcicki and Pichai Sundararajan

started April 13 2024
To start google owns 90% of media exposure. By doing this it is a we are bigger than the government so do what we want or we will over power you.

these are the faces of the people who lied manipulated and controlled information and by doing so harmed not of mans family and many many more through COVID by censored and manipulating data that could be seen from 2019 – 2023 once the lawsuit on free speech was put in place and shown to be factual they slightly backed off but have moved back into complete censorship mode of all not of man and the website. (even though we are not in California)

this video will prove the statement in the google post is a outright lie this is Susan Wojcicki

Susan Wojcicki Youtube CEO explaining how they will be censoring small media and pushing large media. The comment above is a direct conflict with what is said here and what has been proven through their repeated actions.
Youtube CEO Susan cunt

This bitch gave herself the free speech award from YouTube as well. They had a deaf presenter give the award to the woman who acted as a Nazi over all information . This is the game, the show the act the manipulation

this shit was a gold mine for comedy

What happens when a company thinks they are bigger than the laws rules & Government

Unless you are in the news media this may not have been a big topic but being censored banned and lied about by this very company we would like to explain what this is and why it is being done. Google will be forced to pay news sites like us. (this in fact would be seen as a terrorist act and threat as you removed websites and more from being accessed because you want to control what can and will be seen proof below.

censorship of not of man

“If passed, CJPA
may result in significant changes to the services we can offer Californians and the traffic we can
provide to California publishers.”

They do not want people to get information they do not have control over. The idea is to direct the mind of the people through repeated pounding of ideas into the brains of the world. ( brain washing ) when you control what can be seen you control the mind. ( How would you be able to understand the different sides of a situation if they only want you to hear one, This was the issue through COVID.) Google world directly with the most powerful group in the world most have never heard of and they control and infiltrate organizations in order to get them to fall in line.

in this video you will hear someone say they own the science and the fact is you cannot own science as it is ever changing and evoloving on the more information learned but if you own it then you control it. ( Not science)

“By helping people find news stories, we help publishers of all sizes grow their audiences at no cost to
them. CJPA would up-end that model.” = Lie

“CJPA would also put small publishers at a
disadvantage and limit consumers’ access to a diverse local media ecosystem” =Lie

“To prepare for possible CJPA implications,
we are beginning a short-term test for a small percentage of California users. The testing process
involves removing links to California news websites, potentially covered by CJPA, to measure the
impact of the legislation on our product experience. Until there’s clarity on California’s regulatory
environment, we’re also pausing further investments in the California news ecosystem, including new
partnerships through Google News Showcase”
To control the government and what can be seen we will be removing websites and controlling internet traffic regardless of rules laws or regulations because we (google) are larger than you (the united states government) so we will force you to bow down to our money (this is a threat to government to do what they want or else we will do this)

“For more than two decades, we’ve provided substantial support to help news publishers navigate the
changing digital landscape and innovate. We’ve rolled out Google News Showcase, which operates in
26 countries, including the U.S., and has more than 2,500 participating publications. Through the
Google News Initiative we’ve partnered with more than 7,000 news publishers around the world,
including 200 news organizations and 6,000 journalists in California alone.” = That’s great but you still remove and censor websites you do not like

While they censored and removed factual information so you would take a unsafe vaccine and told to do so through the united states government and Joe Biden himself. In the end they proved they we’re lying and manipulating the public and we have tried to expose this for years now.

This is from Oct 30 2020 and was censored and removed from public view by google and YouTube on page 16 of the PDF you will see the full list from this FDA CBER meeting

Thanks to the Google Whistleblower for explaining and showing how to check and see if and how this is being done to our site. ( 100 % proof below )

Google whistle blower proves YouTube and google have both censored and tried to remove our site from public view

If you look at the video version not of man have three different versions that were tests on YouTube.
After the lawsuit and exposure of the fact they censored information all through COVID.
At the start of covid they only allowed fox msnbc and cnn like news to report.

While we had the actual document’s published them and were told we were lying and that the w.h.o and c.d.c called it misinfo. It was proven over time to be all 100% factual and censored on purpose. How do you say fda and dod documents are lying ?

After the lawsuit they have to allow the documents now. But they censored version 3 and told NotofMan it was due to misinformation but V2 is left up along with V1. (The only change made was Joe Biden was added promising the vaccine to be safe and effective) It was then removed again for misinformation
So they removed the video over Joe Biden lying why would they do this because they need him to win the next election and so they cannot have him seen and proven to be lying and harming people with his misinfo so it was censored. Below is the video with the section added and you can see they are the same with only the Biden part added

Not of Man