Kaiser Permanente Nuremberg Code Violations & fraud / Covid 19 / Data Breaches Updated 4-28-2024

we can tell you right now everything that was grabbed we could find each and everyone of you through email and user ip along with the fact most internet providers services used your name for the id login. its the small pieces of info you can grab and that’s the thing they are openly lying about as well.

As people who work with an understand of how this functions we are warning you now your information is exposed no matter what they tell you they were also giving info to x twittter facebook and more and so they should explain why in the fuck they were doing that ?

Started 4-10-2021 as you go through the documents and conversations you will start to openly see the lie they were told to tell and kept doing so. the vaccine side effect were known as early as oct 20 2020

Thank you to all the Kp whistleblowers

Dr Sajini Susan George MD M.D. is full of shit only copy and pasting this responce

Now they think they can hold you hostage over a mandate which is a violation of the Nuremberg code AGAIN. This is how to say no more to these New age Nazi’s this is part 1 part 2 will up uploaded asap with an er nurse who openly admits she knows none of the information and that proves the compartmentalization. As they should be researching all the medical documents like we do. But as you can hear they don’t know anything but i do what i’m told to do. Who else said that before they were hung from the neck
CDC 150,000 dead for every 1 million vaccinated, for every 1 saved we kill 2 people
Children dropping dead from the Covid 19 vaccine media cover up

Kaiser Permanente and all healthcare provider violated the Nuremberg code and your human rights as well as war crimes do to the lack of informed consent. Their tests wont be released in full until 2076. This means they are running the studies on you now. We had a member who is in the band try to get his informed consent and this will be his page to expose how the healthcare system violated your rights and hurt you or your family in the process. The prep act does not protect anyone who violates the law in order to get the shots in arms. CRIMINALS .

Look at the dates The report they are speaking of was never sent and might we add the date shows some how it was sent in the future
Mandates Begin
As you can see our reporter was asking for very valid reasons but Kaiser refused to be helpful in any way
So as you can see the mandates were coming and they had been asking for months and been refused. Kaiser knew this as well and acted as if its not happening. This alone is a Nuremberg Violation Joe Biden had no right. Notice now they are backing off mandates they have been exposed
They never answered this question.
They locked them out. He called and over the phone he was called a fraud lol No explanation to why and we have asked for a detailed explanation another example of of they level of fear

The Phone Call

Wally Wold Locks me out over a fraudulent claim. We will be releasing your public information for everyone to see and all the Dr’s part of this. We have already sent their addresses to them, so you know we do not play. We do not fear you NAZI’s
call from June 2021 phone call with them being informed of their violations
12-6-21 served with Nuremberg code violations was at the Hospital from 5 pm till 2 am

Wally Wold old fraud wondering what you wanna say now. You are now part of the code violations you moron

Below you will see a small operation we did inside of kaiser to show that they had been lying and defrauding Americans out of their informed consent and violating the Nuremberg code below you will find all the evidence.
Enough to criminally charge them under the Nuremberg code sec 1 under permissible experiments. and Violation of Informed consent as not one person who received the vaccine could give it Esp at the time as they had released no info publicly for you to see and the trails Pfizer did show were gamed and fraudulent the FDA openly states this in the below videos.

You lied played gamed with our lives our families lives, you manipulated and defrauded people into getting a shot that is not safe and you all know this

This is also a crime to coerce a person to get a shot

The Nuremberg Code

2. Informed Consent

To explain further we have inside information they are lying and we are given the evidence.
we then start to use the information we have to ask questions in relation to what they are hiding
it left them exposed and unsure of how to handle the situation and they attacked one of our reporters even shutting down their access to online health care during the Covid 19 Lockdown and pandemic removing their ability to see a dr or get proper treatment for over a year. Kaiser you know everything stated here is factual and true and we can prove all of it in court so understand if you wanna play that game and become more expose than we have made you lets play
esp since family members of our reporters are dead because of the lies you told

we will start will the documents and allow them to follow a time line to the end when they are forced to give vaccine inserts and lie about why they couldn’t give them.

Documents are beings put in order (in progress ) the actual paper work between our writer and kaiser will be supplied as evidence

Just a sample Here is the FAQ sheet you receive from Kaiser and it leaves out all known side effects at the time as the below FOIA Request was at the exact time they had claimed to not have this information as it was not available yet kaiser and Pfizer have been running safety and vaccine efficacy studies in 2021 and 2022 which should have been done before the vaccine even received an EUA and are not actually authorized in the United states

Senator Ron Johnson Explains No Vaccine Passed Authorization Just EUA Authorized

Here are the 1,219 side effects of just the Pfizer vaccine made public in April 2021 as you can see no one told you any of the side effects only FAQ sheets. skip to page 30 and see the 9 pages of side effects hidden from you destroying informed consent and leaving them open to a S load of lawsuits

Notice the dates are long before you were ever told of the negative effects of the vaccine

As you can see some very serious side effects that all ended up harming and killing some. SOME! one sec we will get the up to date stats for you

the numbers you aren’t allowed to know.

over 2 million adverse reports on the vaccine in April of 2021 taken directly from the world health org

This is from april 4 2021 as you can see the vaccine inserts have all been blank they said initialy it was propriatary information. Until Maddie degery public hearing with her trail vaccine injury they covered up

this video that was a public hearing with ron johnson youtube removed it calling it misinformation while these are the vaccine trials and their affects yet they passed it ? this is not the first time they have lied about the safety of vaccine to the public. what about the swine flu fraud

If the studies were done there should be no need for this
We don’t know how it will affect kids until we try it. That is criminal

The D.O.J Law suit Kaiser Permanente Medicare fraud

Openly state it contains sm 102

As of 5-24-2022 our little helper has been calling asking kaiser for help from their doctor and now they can no longer seem to get phone calls returned. This person has been dealing with some serious issues as of late the loss of a few members of their house hold. including other unnamed problems.

we would like to ask how is this proper medical care for someone who has reached out for help more than 2 times now. No results Nothing. So now what does someone who is in crisis and needing to speak with their doctor do?

Sit and wait while unsure if they will ever receive a call .
if we knew this person was not as mentally strong, and did not have a strong support system and people like us to be their for them what are they to do ?

if this is mental health care where is their care. and why cant you be honest. This is becoming
a very noticeable game in the mental health community. when someone who needs real care cant get it.
because of failures on their end. not of the patient.

We decided to not release the call they felt it would serve no real purose

but we now have evidence you cannot get medical treatment without first taking a unapproved covid 19 test. Thats right not the pcr test they no longer use because the had run it at cycles of 45x which multiplies the very thing your looking for into large and large sizes when you enlarge the cycle rates.
Anything that is above 33 cycles makes the pcr test useless. So now they use a rapid antigen test which has some of the same ingredients as the vaccine which our helper is allergic to. But in order to get medical treatment from kaiser. Even if you are allergic they want a test ? allergic to what you might ask ?


they are allergic to those and have had reactions

as for all of us we no longer play these covid games
fuck your tests fuck your masks mandates and lock downs.
You will hear after he explains that he is allergic and that he refuses to take a covid test. They explain that they were not going to give him his heart study. Once he started the legal talk about forcing medical procedures which a covid test is. They realized they were not going to win the battle.
so they gave up and in turn told him if he wanted the test to be done. he would have to do a version of the test that requires radiation ? Stupid bitch you mean iodine LOL it goes through the veins and they use a ct scan we cant remember the device name. it sees the iodine flow through the veins and heart and you can see the injuries. Also she stated he would need to have them give him drugs which mess with his heart rate. Sounds like scare tactics and that they are going to over charge them because they refuse a test which is their legal right and they have no right to make you take a medical procedure in order to get a medical procedure that is a violation of the Nuremberg code.
They fucking know that.

So you stupid fucks you keep playing with all the people around the world and trying to control how they get medical care and dictate what care they get is not your right and never was. Your murdering criminals and you know it. Why do your dr’s run when we have tried to speak with them. Why are you in so much trouble with the doj and why are so many lawsuits under your name. because you do shit that is illegal and wrong to the people you treat. NAZIS

Phone call will be up soon 10/21/22

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