Covid 19 Vaccine Side Effects

Covid 19 Vaccine Side Effects

Our own reporters have had family members injured and killed 1 had a heart attack and the other had stage 4 cancer. Pass over the new year leaving them broken for the holidays

Vaccine Injury Compilation Video / Intro to this page
the real censored number of deaths and what side effects from the vaccines killed them VigiAccess / Open vaers project

Vaccine propaganda

The Prep Act will be changed soon. Due to the millions injured its also documented by johns Hopkins university in their spars 2025-2028 pandemic war game. if you would like to read that in full please go to the PDF page
the swine flu vaccine fraud of 1976

Everyone who has a vaccine side effect should sue This crappy rapper over helping violate human rights and the Nuremberg code

Vaccine Propaganda 2
No Vaccine Is FDA Approved in the US.
Pharmacist quits like a boss explaining Ive seen customers die from the vaccine i quit

now onto the blank vaccine inserts

Blank Moderna Insert 4-21
Pharmacist realizes they have violated the Nuremberg code and starts to panic
Blank Janssen Vaccine Insert
what will happen to you now that you have taken the vaccine.. Looks like we and he have been correct

Kary Mullis Inventor or the PCR test explains that its never intended to be used to diagnose illness, He has openly criticized Fauci for being a fraud and liar

Kary Mullis on Fauci
All Vaccine Side Effects Known Oct 30 2020 2 page 001 1
All Vaccine Side Effects Known Oct 30 2020 2 page 016 1
Censored and Hidden Vaccine injury testimony the audio is clean video had to be compressed
Tiffany Dover is gone… I have her records will post them shortly
DMX Died from the vaccine
The Vaccine does contain Sm 102
If you have a virus you have no need for a vaccine
Not of Man