YouTube Exposed Chapter 11: Youtube scared of Not of Man: Censorship, fraud, abuse, & lies.

If you would like to try go to YouTube and test this for yourself it will repeat exactly. Now this should revoke section 230. They have acted in a manner of a publisher of content like a news channel. 230 does not allow this behavior. This is a blatant violation of anti trust laws. You cannot compete on the same playing field as other artists if no one is allowed to see you.

In a single video we show you how badly they have censored not of man and their artists because they are scared to have you read the truth.

Come on you useless frauds how many ways can we show you are violating our rights you have censored and blocked the links to the stories because they contain evidence and information about you and how you have attacked and harmed people with your censorship of medical information.

You violate constitutional rights and anti trust laws in order to protect the government from being exposed for the crimes against the united states. You work directly with the intel community to do this. We have exposed you and now you want to try and silence a band. Why are you so scared of a band ? why censor the information if its false why hide it if they are untrue.

You have only proved our point and we keep getting more and more evidence coming in.

So here on not of mans video you can clearly see they have eliminated the ability to click story links
also the stupidity of adding a COVID 19 warning to a video of the dems threatening people in just strange and odd. Including a mislabeling of the video.


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Not of Man