Not of Man’s blacklisted and censored Music on Youtube.

Try and search Not of man.
Name one band in history that’s over 10 years old and that cannot be found in a search engine. Interviews or albums reviews all gone.They deleted their main channel

this song has been played so much its the first thing that shows up. But do not click this still put in Not of Man and hit enter.
4-8-2022 YouTube watches them and as you can see they have removed the suggestion for their song
they removed all Their videos and subs and views

type the name in full and click search see if you can find their music.
Scroll through to see if it shows all 69 tracks. notice it doesn’t suggest any other Not of Man tracks, and last but least come back the next day with your screen shots to see if your view was actually counted, or removed. We have evidence showing them removing views in live time. Yet they will run adds and profit off Not of Man’s music while claiming they have never been played.
it ends up being a fun game to try and find their music as it is this hide and seek game.

watch it yourself here

our old website that was censored by Go Daddy Youtube and Vimeo

Our old website that was removed by constitutional violation of the 1st amendment by Go Daddy
Go Daddy tech support explains it
from 3-21-2022 to 3-25-2022 Not of Man have had over 100 plays lets see in marches sales report if they reflect the 100 plays We bet they wont.
as you can see below its only a five count change in over a month and the videos will explain why
View removed from videos first video shows day of last upload the next picture is the day after with all the view changed and removed feel free to try this with our music on your own channel. see if the content ID pops up send a screen shot to us. let us know the real numbers because as you can see they have very clearly manipulated them and if you think we are making up that youtube does this here is a video of them doing it with joe biden

This video shows that they have removed more views from the linkin lark channel. which again is data manipulation and fraud more evidence

This is the reason the dislike button no longer functions the same

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Not of Man