YouTube Exposed Chapter 10: Here is all of the watchers reports on YouTube. (The Censored 100% factual report)

Here is all of the watchers reports on YouTube. (The Censored 100% factual report) YouTube is a criminal org that uses fear, intimidation,& censorship while violating anti trust laws and censoring 100% Factual and legal public info under the guise of the world heath organization forbidden information. They also do this sneaky trick if you upload a document to read at the highest resolution the will lower is to the lowest setting so you cannot read.

Look up googles dragonfly search engine it was used to round up the Uyghurs and censor information from the Chinese ???? Don’t worry Sundar you think you have all that stuff hidden away. We have the internal documents. Part of why chrome was created . Lets not for get your new i/o 2023 where you explain google will know read and write your emails for you. No privacy issues there.

So for the real test to our host we are going to show you this will stay almost invisible then send you how they did it.

Attorney General D. John Sauer explaining how youtube google and big tech have censored americans

The above video was censored and one you hear this man speak you will know why. Understand this was an FDA Meeting and this is steve kirsh the founding director for the early covid treatment fund. So you will hear information hidden from you and absolutely frightening yet Rochelle steam rolled over the vote by ignoring the FDA 16 – 2 vote

and she passed boosters for teens anyways. So the point of having a FDA was completely useless if no one will listen to them

No one said the vaccine would wear off you lying cunt here is videos from years before you lie. Now explain it to the American people. Because you sold it as a single shot and you can see it was being advertised as multi does to life long. So CDC NIH FDA have all been caught lying pfizer and moderna in theri studies and ingredients as well as how they document them.

So as you can see it is not medical mis info and it was the tool they used to silence DR’s and anyone who didnt suck the dick of the medical companies shoving poison down your veins

In the small print of the paragraph it states we could not show you a document that was literally being used as evidence in the censorship hearing below this. We have so much evidence and documents now that our goal is only to expose these organizations for the frauds they are.

We have just begun to show them. All the old reporters you thought vanished or were fired were consolidated into one company they watch you record you and catch you in everything you do. Then it gets sent to the hub and our team goes over the best evidence of your frauds and we just expose from there. We like it when you do this because how many people stand up to big tech and know they are correct and caught you.

YouTube you cannot block what systems we use we see the screen recorder getting altered.
then we get all our documents uploaded. You waited until our reporters signs out then you go through the process of removing truthful information. So now that we have the videos and pictures of what is in the play lists we can see what you removed and add them here to expose you. You have called us liars so many times when it is government documents you are hiding you are not allowed to lied about us. We will hold you to account. We know and you know we have never lied about you

What you are unaware of is we know every time you do it and we can show ever video you removed on this site along with the proof of your censorship and removal of public medical information you claim the world health organization disagrees with.

As Americans we are not under a phiec and we do not have to follow the guidelines of the world health org and you again have no right to censor truthful information. Once the pandemic was ended in 2023 the world wide control of the who is now gone. We have everything you remove and we will add it to this page.

The more you do this the more people will see the lies and frauds you have done.
our teams uploaded all morning only to see you have removed the documents from public view already.

Video to prove what was there and now what is missing. then we will add the document so people can still read it. The more you do this the more people will see you are untrustworthy and liars who manipulate medical information because you are told to.

If we remember correctly a group was killed and hung by the neck for just following orders.
Your medical misinformation has directly lead to the mass deaths of people around the world.
Working with the world economic forum who all claim they want to subjugate and control the human mind as they now have the ability to hack it. We are seeing this play out already by removal of history and information and repeated sentences that sound like facts which are really nothing but repeated phrases.

As of this Am they have removed 6 videos from this play list. (there was a mass update of over 100 videos uploaded.

As a note to our host when can see when YouTube blocks and stops the traffic so you are going to have to explain that after we file the abuse reports and start the job of coming after all of you who thought you could do this to us.

Give us a day to see what all you have done in detail and we will present it to everyone. we are monitoring all our systems to see how you and others are affecting our content.

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