YouTube Censored Videos

Started 4/13/2022 – Updated 10-30-2022

So who is censoring our website and videos go daddy ? Thank you for that.

This was made after YouTube lied, censored, removed truthful news stories they would not notify us they videos would vanish from all our reporters channels our news story’s and the bands own channel was shut down. They throttle their music and hide it from the public in order to do the unethical act of trying to eliminate them by making them invisible.

How do we know the because of the companies YouTube Facebook twitter and more are connected to. Below you will find the google whistle blower to googles own insider documents and the videos and evidence proving they are connected to the world economic forum and they also run an non government but social media created censorship board over all of the internet. Lets just start with the proof of our censorship in a one min phone call with go daddy.

Below you find Doctors censored during the pandemic. (science is about open debate so why)
medical information kept hidden and censored from you ( so you would take the shot
including the vaccine side effects the worked so hard to hide and not let you see. (because they are horrifying)

we have everything from the governments own covid documents
to YouTube violating the Nuremberg code under orders
of the world health org and the world economic forum and lying for the cdc dr fauci and covering for bill gates by trying to remove the history of the things he has said. That are monstrous.

We have so many documents and pieces of evidence to show the world. So we will end the story here for now and start getting everything in order for them.

Seems Netflix likes kid porn, so do the Dems and now we get a choir singing about corrupting kids

what family does the owner of Netflix belong to what have the done and who in their family history has a past of loving children
They censored a video exposing that they have made pedophobia a crime ?

They censored the San Fransisco Gay Men’s Choir singing about corrupting your children by conditioning their minds. Coming from someone who was raped as a child by another man.” The Writer 001218585″ We here at Not of Man find these humans to be not worthy of compassion or love in their world they are called chicken hawks.They are dangerous fuck your life up. Without care

We added the police profiles as well.
Not of Man