YouTube Censored Videos

Our goal has always been to help not fight with these companies yet they remove the truth and censor anyone with evidence we can even prove they do that with medical information that was legal and involved informed consent. part of the reason the shut down the main youtube page

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This is a collection of videos from all of our reporters channels most of them have been banned and YouTube Censored Videos due to the fact we give you the documents and facts VS a talking head

the trail of evidence to prove it all

All the videos here are downloadable and can be shared our advice is to share the url and try to be careful when you post on social media we have been tagged as their enemy and they have made it known they will do anything to censor us from view to try and cripple our income saddly we dont make an income from any of this so its a waste on their end they cannot understand people who just want to be truthful helpful and give you the information being hidden. Enjoy!

we just started to get this page back up and running as of 4-13-2022 after the complete shutdown and censorship of our old site.

our beautiful website that was censored as of 2/16/2022
Front line drs expose the covid 19 fraud by suing the hhs
effects of lockdowns
Biden starts war with Russia and Ukraine
biden checks his watch then stairs at his daughters chest in a long lost photo
google and you tube’s job
Fauci if you have the virus you have no need for a vaccine
the funding for the the wuhan virus
the vaccine does contain sm 102
Caymem chemicals changed the entire make up of SM 102 once it was made public here are the documents anyone want to explain how the dangers all disappear and the name changes to ethanol

100’s more to come

Not of Man