China’s New So call Pneumonia is white lung disease? updated 11-30-2023

wearing masks leads to bacterial pneumonia, now explain how this showing up now inst a secondary factor of your shit masks and filthy mouths breathing air sucked in through a wet filth covered air filter ?

fauci 2008 paper seems to have been removed and changed

the Fauci 2008 paper explaining masks lead to bacterial pneumonia

Started 11-28-2023
Reports that china is now having issue with children and respiratory issues (yes again!) This time it seems to be directly be affecting children. The world health org has asked for more information at this time. As you all are aware ( after covid 19 ) you cannot trust china the W.H.O so we will see what comes of this. This is only to document and make people aware of the new issues that may be coming. We will be monitoring more intel as it comes in. Once information is available in document forum we will bring them to you. (As you read this document below it will have links to said information) if anything changes it will be made available (This is only for documentation purchases)

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