They Government is scared as Hell Hollywood will be the spokesman now

The entire government wants to hide their addresses over the choices they make but they should be able to have all your public information available online and in the cloud and leave you open to the same violence based on your choices or politics .

(The Government)
They hunt and stalk you online and in emails without your consent. they gather public information from your cell phones and medical information. track and trace. voice identify. email invasions and raids.
they know where you are at all times with your phone. ( Pegasus )
they can find you anywhere.

we agree that what happened to Brett Kavanaugh should never happen to anyone, but because you are a politician or public figure. You should not get special treatment as you are the slaves of the people of the united states and represent your constituents but when you all follow a idealistic agenda. Do one thing while saying another you are lying and a defrauding voters you tend to make some of the worst possible choice known to man and get away with all of it. due to corporate interests and you also call for violence constantly

now when realize no one believes or trusts you anymore you send in the clowns from Hollywood.
what do they know…. nothing they are paid to lie to you on a camera all day everyday. do not buy products endorsed by a celebrity or listen to a political point of view from a celebrity as they tend to be about as sharp as a spoon. Dear Mat you spoke at the white house. they told you too……… also you are a terrible actor when you spoke on fox it was like watch you audition for a movie all the right emotion placed in the right spots and the loud intense voice to get across emotion no tears no choking up nothing. Hollywood is as dead as ever.

nothing but calls for violence

the public should have a right to protest you peacefully and address grievances because you do not listen in closed sessions you turn the mic off, talk over them, or go as far to have the speaker removed
not to mention you told the people to do this shit. ( your own fault )

if we did that or anyone for that matter FEDS would be beating down their doors.
so can you explain to our readers why is it for almost 3 years you can create the violence
have the murder and crime rate sky high the worst inflation / recession / depression, coming in over the last 40 years.

The American public didn’t destroy their own mental health, their government did it with lock-downs and fear mongering 24/7. Now that the world you created it biting you in the ass you get scared and need special protections.

Our suggestion before some crazed fuck ball does something bigger and worse.
get your own house in order and fix the bullshit lies and manipulations coming out of the white house
you have all created this world and now you want to pass it off as if this is something no one could see coming we saw in when we were notified of the wuhan virus in nov 2019 and we have the historical videos to prove we told everyone what was happening before it ever did.

I wonder how we do that

Not of Man