Taking a looking inside

As of 9-15-2022 the pages have been deleted

Our goal has always been to bring you the truth and the documents that support the stories
but we started reporting on the mass shooting in the US. We believe in doing so we have made a mistake and we have always been open and honest with our listeners and readers who have stuck with us for over 10 years.

We are having an inner ethical conflict with reporting on the mass shootings.
with each one it brings the focus on, the who, and what party they belong to now.
what color and if they are mentally ill.

The next big move is going to be a massive mental illness awareness and rules and laws will be changed to support their need’s. This in effect will just create more problems. (went off into left field)

Back to the point this is our problem
we want to report to the truth of who, what, when, and where.
but at this point in the game. Its become part of their game.

we are focusing on the wrong things its not the mental health and the guns or the race.
its the issues that were created for all of you and us in the last 3 years. we are going to stick to that and show that this world has been created for all of you.

we do not want to create a rift in race or in political beliefs even though we understand it comes across right leaning we really are just trying to show you the game.

it could be anyone doing what he is in all honesty trump giving the green light to the vaccine was the biggest mistake he made it allowed the door to be opened to all of this controllable vaccine shit.
this is a puppet show and we will not play a part in it.

after the Memphis shooting and seeing the rant the kid went on about white’s we felt uncomfortable releasing it. (We are a multi cultural team all were offended) we didn’t want to make others hate a group over one’s actions and they are beyond unforgivable.

So from this point forward we will no longer report on anything that contains racial motivate violence
we will no longer show the videos or the face’s and we will no longer report on them.

This may seem confusing to some of you but we are no longer going to allow the manipulation of the minds by using racial violence as a tool to create fear.

We apologize if we did any of the above. We will be removing all the information regarding the shootings.

Not of Man Team
P.S we were yelled at by zero for even having those up. You were right

Not of Man