Our dead man switch is now on.

If anything happens to us or our team.
We did not kill ourselves, we are not suicidal, and do not have any form of drugs in our systems or intentions to do violence, we are not having a mental health crisis.

When we start exposing the next round of documents to expose this entire thing. We will be facing giants with far bigger armies than us and if we are killed please know it was because we love all of you.

We wanted to help you see the world for what was created for your children and future generations. Someone needed to keep a historical records of everything that has happened and is happening.

A quote from an amazing band Puscifer
” he gave me his complete focus and attention completely present and calmly said we will never know world peace until three people can simultaneously look each other straight in the eye”

If anything happens to any of us the switch will kick on and the biggest document dump in the history of the united states will be sent out to indie news channels and uploaded to a very public location.
We will have our underground team go out and drop them in public. we already have everything set.

Good luck to all of you in your lives we love all of you. We only want to help. All of the Not of Man Team

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