Stop already

Stop shooting each other.

The racist sht you see and hear on and from Tv is the problem.

We are beyond tired of seeing this amount of hate in the world being produced by a television

just turn it the fuck off!

our jobs are almost done, and we see this is the world you all want.

So maybe its best, we let you all have it.

We have tried to help. We have shown you. We have given you the proof.

The documents, The video evidence

But we are tired of this place.

And the humans who occupy it.

the rulers who are active making this issue for control

we call it THE CHAOS THEORY and its the simple yet easiest way to control

if you create so much chaos and fear people will always focus on the powers that be to fix it

so racism, food, power, covid, electricity, global warming, shootings, MAGA, BLM, all of this is a tool

to make you scared and controllable.

Those things above are the last three years of all our lives.

Now do you feel free or do you feel like you have more restrictions placed on you.

did the things they say would save you, actually save you?

did they force you and then stop forcing you to take a vaccine for a job.

did they lock you in the house for over a year when they said it was only 15 days ??????

being locked in a home is no different than a cell.

you only have distractions to help you forget the walls.

what was done was the same as a prisoner put into isolation

isolation creates fear, anxiety, and anger.

Including a difficulty communicating with others and socializing.

It makes you violent and anti social

understand this was done to you…. soooooo

the more violence you create

the more rules they will make to save you from yourselves

the more racial you make life

the more your race becomes the focus and not you as a person

these are small little steps that lead to a very scary ending to the story

so please can we all try to understand each other before we do this stupid shit in the world

can we try to see the world we live in has been created for us.

only ten years ago the issues we have today seemed like they were far in the past

and now we are reliving it in the cycle

Not of Man