Mike Wright SongCastMusic Owner & YouTube Fraud, Theft, Data Manipulation. Lies

Dear YouTube was this what you had hoped when you shut down our page? All you did was make a giant bigger. We are so well known people don’t look for us they come to us ( remember you shut down our old website as well how does it feel to know we don’t need you and our reports are seen regardless of what steps and actions you take. We have been back up and running a single month
Our old site it was shut down around Feb 18

So to catch these frauds in the act we asked listeners to do this for us in an older story. We asked them to load our music onto youtube and see if it gets the copyright label which it should as all of our music is Youtube ID’ed through SongCastMusic if you are musician avoid these types of companies here is why. We have had offers from record labels and we are indie and do it all ourselves we wanted to own our music and the masters.

Update 3-14-2022 evidence of fraud for lawyer

Our friend uploads a cover song by nine inch nails and gets instantly tagged just like ours should and does not. (shows in the videos below) end of update 3-14-2022

Here is our is another one of our reporters who used the playlists created from the distributor and made a full not of man playlist. 504 plays as of today 3-21-2022 lets see if they actually start being truthful and accuratly report the numbers of views and plays. As they run adds over our music and do not pay us. (Backed up with video evidence)

start sending us the screens of you listening to the playlist or videos so we can catch them in the act. Thanks again to everyone who has helped in exposing this as it has been something we have been doing in the background for some time

end of update 3-21-2022

To the Watchers its time “11965454625 row 4 line black ”

our story starts with a single email from a listener and now they are trying to hide censor and cover their asses hard

Here you can listen to go daddy tell us what we are about to show you

Then they shut my site down after this was exposed
If this isnt proof enough we have videos of them before the speeches and the likes are at the hundreds as it plays and then after when you go back and look at them its got 75 likes. Explain that one
We changed our email so please don’t bother
All albums and single YouTube ID Tagged as you can see our content is ID tagged
Listeners video: showing that no song has a copyright ID tag
There are views on each video with planet lockdown at 12 views on 3-9-2022

the Next day all the views on the videos on their channel are removed 3-10-2022 Both of these will be in the below video zoomed in so you can see the number and dates clearly while protecting the person who sent the photos data

planet lockdown has 2 views now and most of the videos have 0 views

Now on to the close up video evidence when you watch the videos notice the days of upload and the days and views you will see that the dates are from 3-9-2022 to 3-10-2022 and the views have all been removed.

You can do better youtube and songcast we told you we know how you work and what you do and how you do it. as for you tube some of us walk in your offices. Off to the ripoff report and the BBB for you both you frauds.

All albums and their respective Copyrights and dates

to the listeners who are doing all of this for us we want to thank you and ask that you keep doing this and sending the files. You have helped us to show that we are correct and they are doing what we have said and now others can see the game. Our loss is your gain. We loses a few bucks but this will help other musicians and people looking to do something similar avoid frauds and predatory companies.

YouTube will run adds over our music and not pay us for it and not even show the play. That’s fraud, data manipulation, theft, as the sponsor got everything they paid for and we received 0 in royalties

Adds Played over our track and we will not see a view or a cent from a play. we understand that doing how we did in this video is not how you get a view. We are showing the adds running over our music. WE ARE NOT BEING PAID FOR
those are all rip off reports with both youtube and songcastmusic doing the same thing to others

We warned you the views and plays are not reflected in our payment records again.
in the next month we should see at least 610 plays accounted for and if they are not shown
we will expose everything names faces addresses and more and let the people you have done this to find you just as easy as we did. criminals will be exposed for their crimes.

we told you we watched you we have shown you the evidence you have lied over and over. we have all the emails to back up everything and the stated lies you told to us. years ago and never changed it. You owe back pay as well.

Not of Man