SongCastMusic: Fraud Lies & Theft

Mike We tried to talk we tried to work with you we tried to treat you with respect while you treated us as if we were garbage and you took our money and allowed all of this to happen to our artists music and their channels.

Songcastmusic fraud

This is what the not of man team received today from Mike wright. Instead of addressing the issues his own company created he is now removing not of man from streaming and stores. Which means YouTube will follow shortly after. This is how they remove free speech and hide truthful information. The reason this is actually happening is they are censoring the new single and album.
We can prove it very simply.

We asked them to address the stealing of money from our YouTube channel the removal of views likes and subscribers

As before when they have censored tracks they will refuse to respond or explain the issue they leave the track sitting in limbo. Once this is done and you ask why the track and album are not released you get no answers. We have asked spoken with tried to forgive and work within their made up ever changing rules. Once we made it known they are doing the same things they have before with out music by not answering questions and leaving the release in limbo over 9 days ??????

they have uploaded tracks in 24 hours for 9 days is extreme for those who do not know. once we made this known to them and explained we will no longer take this type of behavior we would be leaving reviews on the websites due to their lack of communication and attempts to answer, or ever work with Not of Man or their teams to solve the problems they seem to have.

we were directly told we are not allowed to use joe bidens name in tracks when they have no right to tell us that when he is the literal speaker on an entire track where we is racist and speaking down about “Mexican citizens and building a 700 mile wall to keep them out & their trafficking drug dealers coming over the border. Then he states he will tax anyone who highers them. Not of Man is a mix of news and music. ( no one has done what they have ever!) Which is why you have no idea how to handle them.

So we are trying to educate you to the words that have been kept from you through art and art is the first form of resistance protected under the first amendment. We are not using violence we are using words and our words seem to be so scary and dangerous that you cannot hear them from youtube spotify and more! That does not mean they are wrong that means they powers that be are not happy for you to have this information as it affects the end goal. So remove them from being hear entirely

He says threatening ? when all we have said is we have no issue going to court with him over their first refusal to even respond to questions for months about their lies, censorship removal of views by YouTube, our lack of royalties, Contractual monetization of our channel which they just decided to end one day, due to this fact. We have had some serious issues and questions for them and all of them they refuse to respond or answer now they just want to remove our music for exposing what they do.

It is All provable. Just go through the documents videos and more in the stories above

This will not stop the music from coming. If we need to go all Tom McDonald on their asses we will.
but this will now allow us to create an entire documentary about songcastmusic how they work and lie.

This is Mike Wrights,Dot, & Jason’s Doing All you had to do was be right by the people who work with you

We have updates coming from DM’s with them and their lack of responses and refusal to address the issues they openly have created for themselves. – Numbers 10:9 When you go into battle in your own land against an enemy who is oppressing you, sound a blast on the trumpets. Follow the dates and see exactly what lead to NOM’s Music being removed and so NVRMD ODDLEY AND DIVISIONARY WILL ALSO BE LEAVING REVIEWS FOR YOU.

We released an album on Jan 25 2023 and the single and the album have yet to release through song cast music. Since it seems they will not release it we have always given the albums away for free as well as streaming and in stores to prove no one at not of man does this for profit here is the album they have yet to release.

As you can see the album is in limbo

if you would like a copy here is the free download this is an educational album!

The New Album

Everything in the album is able to be fact checked along with the documents.

Not of Man