Not of Man’s Youtube Channel Gifted to them After they were censored for giving factual information. (SONGCAST.INC)

If this is not fixed you again have violated your agreement with us and contractually what you have openly stated you fix these issues Songcast.Inc we are watching you closer than ever now. We are seeing things you called us conspiracy theorists for in videos you have 0 explanation and now we want everything you stated and promised us put in place. Because you now have violated the terms of our agreement

Go ahead and try the experiment try our channel any video and see you will have no adds
Go to the distributor channel and see they will have Ad’s This is a direct attack on us from google as
they have removed our income from our music any other artists you can name that this has happened to ? If you have add block you wont see the adds so you will have to turn it off to test.

Thank you mike for the channel. This man literally helped us through these years with monitoring their actions and how they would manipulate our music channel website and information. That Man is a rock star. Thank you

Our Gifted New YouTube Channel which has the copyrighted content id but no adds and so that means they have removed our ability to make an income from our music. Yet for some reason if you do it through The distributor channel you see the adds work just fine.
16 subs since oct 08 2022
You can see the fraud in action YouTube – topic commercials
Not of Man Channel No Commercials even though they are copyright tags
explain it
Any Video from the Distributor Will have an add which means we make money off the track and its play.
only 6 subs since 2020
Viemo and YouTube censorship confirmed
Youtube censorship

Yahoo censorship
Microsoft censorship
Still Youtube censored sept 20 2022
Duckduckgo censorship
Censorship of truthful information (youtube)
You can see our our old youtube channel before censorship
Not of Man