Oddley (Musical Artist) – EDM, Trance, & Oddness

Oddley is a combination of two words / worlds odd and medley
This is One of the stranger more excremental groups we have under the label. The sounds range from classical trance to just strange melodic yet heavy and hypnotic led beats that seems some what haunting and yet soothing. We are never sure what to expect when we get in a new track, and they do not disappoint in our opinion “art is not what sells pop music is”. The people who try new things and take chances with sounds with respect.

Track 1 0n3 l3f7 b3f0r3 1 Di3

Track 2 F1v3 R0b0ts 4t3 M1 C1ld3r3n (Ft Divisionary)

Track 3 – Ru57 1n m1 v13Ns (Ft NVRMD)

V4c4ncy !n M1 D347H (Ft Not of Man)

There Will be much more to come for this artist in the near future feel free to download stream or listen on any platform you use at these links below

Bandcamp: 200 Free downloads of all albums and singles a month https://notofmanofficial.bandcamp.com

Not of Man