Nuremberg Code Violators

The NAN = NEW AGE NAZI, Nuremberg Code Violators

Anyone and everyone who lied, cheated, forced, and coerced you to take the vaccine has violated the law and should be hung by the neck until death. (Not my words the law)

if you don’t like being on this list or being remembered this way. Change your behavior and start acting like a human not a member of NAN. We are not children we do not need you to treat or talk to us as if we are. In fact we know far more than you all think and we are done playing games with people who openly hurt others for profit

in the coming days the names faces and documents for January 6th.
The creators of Covid 19’s faces and documents
The truth hurts and it wont be stopped

Samuel Bell
Sam Bell
145 pelosi
Nancy Pelosi
Jen Psaki
Jen Psaki
bill gates
Bill Gates
Tiara Mack
Tiara Mack
albert bortula
Pfizer Ceo Albert Bourla
Not of Man