Not of Man has a book in the works “The Coming Death of All Gods”

The Album transhumanism has to do with the book. Also the song the coming death of all gods

A summary A machine wake up on an assembly line
A short in the CPU seems to have given the shell / robot self awareness. In 3066 Humans have been isolated into small camps around the world only used for tasks that the robots cannot do,

The Machine is having memories it cannot explain from around the year 2000 before the machines became the police and controllers of people.

As if progresses into understanding what is happening in these flashed the machine is getting in its shorting out is showing him that he was a electrical engineer and the father of a little girl.

Over time the robot learns that A.i couldnt keep up with the human mind and in 2050 A.i started to create human slaves and so a war broke out. in 2050 a terrorist group destroys the A.I capabilities.

when realizing that the rich and powerful have been implanting themselves into other shell / bodies robot or human. to live immortally

At this point he realizes that human life no long is human. But a tool to be used like an aniaml for food and killed. Recyled and another breed to be used up and removed for another elite.

This leaves the people in power from the 2000’s and on still in power of the world and companies in 3066.
living forever in a heaven above and never needing to interact with the less than or subjugated humans.

He Decied to eliminate and save humans from the tranhumanist slave drivers by building emps and teaching other robots he was able to short out and release their brains from memory blocks.

They would together to place emps with all around buildings above CPU’s (inside the Faraday cage)
while in the above city the man climb to the top of their pyramid power source. He reaches above the the top reachng to the sky and sets off the final emp
as destroys the machines.

as the it blows up and he dies in the blast the camer pans up and you see another place exactly like what we just say in the move. Suddenly boom they all one by one start to blow and free humanity from the slavery of the machine.

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