The Warnings 2011 – 2022 Album

The Warnings 2011 – 2022 Album
this album comes with a track by track warning from almost each album to today.
we tried to warn the world you are making it worse for yourselves, without even having a clue.
We watched for years in hopes people would catch on. You never did.
Now the people you called crazy conspiracy theorists are correct.
below will hopefully show you the world we live in and know well.
These songs were chosen because each one touches on a topic of the life we life now.
we want these songs to help you get through, not make you go out an do stupid shit.
in today’s world you never know. Violence is not and never will be the answer.

2011 The God Infection The Afghan war 2011
2011 Worst of Man ( Humanity )
2022 Build Back Better / The Great reset

Not of Man