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The real cover uncensored.
This track has been censored edited and censored again by Mike wright for giving truthful information he was scared to have be known because they would come asking him questions as to why he allowed the track in its complete form. You will find it below in the videos
NVRMD Far From You (Feat Zero from Not of Man )
Censored artwork By Mike Wright of all documents are 100% real he just does not see that art and education are the same.
The artwork for this single was censored we will be posting the correct art above the track

Music Videos

This Music Video has been banned and removed from YouTube. it has 3 years of evidence gathering to prove everything we say on our site but don’t you worry Susan censored it for you
C.I.A Network News Music Video
Build Back Better / The Great Reset Music Video


With the Censorship of our music and website here it all is and we ask you support by just streaming a track on Spotify Amazon or Apple or you can help beyond words and purchase an album as all of this has taken us years of work and effort to bring to you for free news and information censored by the mainstream please help us stay underground. the only way to find us is through youtube music or through the distribution channel which is heavily censored ” Not of Man – Topic”

and our personal page was completely shut down for giving you 100% truthful information they illegally censored from the public. Inst that right Susan and Sundar. a quick way to check how censored YouTube has made us. look at the plays on other platforms like spotify our newest track less than a week only is at almost 2k listens and yet on YouTube its at 2 LOL

3 Hmmmmmmmm wonder why could it be the information in the song ?

This is our most censored music video as it completely shows the fraud of the last 3 years and YouTube actively removed our art every time it was uploaded and claimed it violated the world health org’s guidelines and they shut down our channel but why would you censor truthful information We will let Susan answer that for you below our videos

whats harmful about exposing the lies oooo NM
She Gave herself a free speech award ???? WTF

5th Paragraph Line 2 word 3.

Now the question is a simple one who the fuck does Susan think she is to call anything illegal speech.
Esp under the laws the are explaining they will control. She seems to only want to label information she deems damaging= dangerous and remove all conversation and make it a one sided dictatorship. Her family fled the Nazi’s in Poland and she now behaves as the people she fled from to have this wonderful life she leads to control the minds of the population through information control and misleading information. We have proof they have removed public medical information because the who and fda do not want it made public. They removed documents and we have videos showing the removal of views and altering the data in live time. Esp to protect joe biden which was the reason the dislike button was removed and we can prove that as well.

Seems that because they are a company the one that rules over all things they get to bend manipulate and violate the rights of the citizens it once claimed to represent by allowing their lives and opinions on their own channels now the site has influences who push agendas and it removes anyone who has an opinion on anything they deem not OK. That’s called information control / despotism
Not of Man