Youtube exposed Ch 9 : You are lying manipulative frauds who censor truthful information 100% proof

with the important hearing you see below. We felt it necessary to add the documents in which the court is speaking about. SO we do so. Only to have YouTube censor the document they used to censor us, and anyone else with this information. So in the video you will hear attorney general D John Sauer speaking about the (disinformation dozen) used to censor people.

We added that document and they removed it. Once YouTube realized we have them caught again. they Added it back. Which never would have happened if we couldn’t hold them to account with this website. So enjoy watching them commit fraud above again.

So with this type of behavior do you think you can trust them or any news media source.
none of them will show you or give you the documents

Youtube violation of the Nuremberg code free speech foia violations and censorship. Covid 19 misinformation from social media companies

As you can see we are not the only people who have had this done to them. WE think its funny because the information still gets out even when censored and you really have no control. How we market. Nor do you even know how. But we do not profit from any of this work. This is done to show you the real faces of these companies. No one watches and holds them to account for their actions not even the government. Google is the largest monopoly in the world and should be broken up. Their power reaches beyond governments to the leaders of the corporate world ( World Economic forum) who end up recruiting the politicians and so the pecking order tells them what to do and what not to. As you can see this isnt a consiracy this isnt just some crazy group of reporters telling you mis info. We have everthing documents and all to back up our stories and the actual news media will ignore they lie and move on to the next day.

Look at the date look at the plan and realize you are already in this world. they created and you went along without even realizing it. Nov 18 2016.

here is the lawsuit that shows google is corrupt and censors anyone who does not follow an agenda they choose no matter if you have the documents and facts to back it up. In this you will see that google openly violated constitutional rights and the D.O.J are now investigating them over the violation of our rights as well as the anti trust issues
uploaded are documented and anything removed will be put back up here.
with the evidence to back it up. also including the documents they removed by the fda cdc or nih
and any information in regards to our reports. You can easily fact check any document and video.
just type it in exactly how you see the documents in any search engine and you will find almost everything expect project salus which the dod removed once they realized what the document was showing.

We already found one they have removed within second of it being up. the documents will be provided as evidence and then we will show the video removed and the fact they lie and state it is medical mis information. So they censored a patent they literally have on their own google patents. funny thing is we have google whistleblowers who let us know what they are doing with our content.

So we are notified about 3 mins after posting of the video exposing the moderna patent and more.
It gets flagged for medical mis information which is a lie as the documents are all below and literally come from google patents as you can see below. the very patent we shared is the one the dr is speaking on and exposing the information they want left censored So now do you really trust google or the government because they are the ones who are telling them to censor this content as well.

The misinformation fraud by google / youtube /
you guys are so fucking stupid you know we do this only to expose how fucking fake and fraudulent you are. you tech fuckers are supposed to be smart ? you literally fall for this constantly.

Now you can hear susan of youtube explain that even though our info may be factual they will still remove it and give the larger news orgs the voice because they are paid by the fuckers who did this.
Watch the news and see how many pills they try and sell you. You think they can say anything bad
no or they will lose a job we have nothing to lose and we dont care for money or fame so what is it you think we are doing besides exposing you.

her family fled the nazi’s in poland and now she is one. That and a liar who gave herself the free speech award from youtube LOL

the proof we knew before we signed in and the fact it was labeled as medical misinfo when you can read the patents yourself below. So we used the internet to show you these are literally on google patents and yet they are telling us this is medical misinformation when your patent seems pretty clear!

Patent 1 vaccine nanotechnology censored by youtube for medical misinformation when it literally is on their patents

Patent 2

Now google explain it to the public ! the world health organization is trying to hide this information from the public for what reason ?

Now the actual video

Not of Man