Youtube Caught! & Howard Stern is an idiot racist 2/3/2023

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This story was posted to 37f news YouTube channel she has full permission to use not of mans music in anything she puts out. This was the story for 1-13-2023 we knew it would be censored even though it contains factual information and we wants to explain to you how they go about censoring the truth

We also have copies of all Howards shows from the 90s and we will be going through each one and showing the racism sexism and all around abuse this man has shit out of his mouth for years. Funny how him jimmy Fallon and kimel both wear black face and more

So all of the ones who all act as if they know more and have better morals are actually racist as shit but will all apologize for being it
This little bitch hid in his house for over 2 years and had no real evidence for his claims and talks shit all day about people. While trying to suck the dick of Hollywood. We were all huge fans till you started sounding like the Nazi party yes Howard what you said is what they did. FUCK YOU

Why listen to some asshole who is scared of his own shadow. seems he has been costing xm listeners

As you can see in the video below the labeled and tagged the above as medical misinformation from the world health organization yet we live in the united states and the world health organization does not dictate the information we are allowed to see yet for some reason they seem to think violating American laws by claiming non us entity does not want you to see this. Also we think it has to do with all the medical information contained along with the laws they are trying to hide.

So this was censored why. because we just showed you that fauci the media and youtube are full of shit

AS for Howard we respected him but his fear got the best of him and he is extremely uneducated when it comes to anything covid 19. what he said very much sounded like the stories his mother used to tell him.

first and foremost here are the documents unaltered on page 16 of this FDA document you will see the side effects they all ready know about. BTW LOOK AT THE DATE DID ANY OF YOU RECEIVE THIS INFORMATION. NO you didn’t you most likely got the document below it saying the basic repeated bs.
By law all of these effects should have been made known to you under the informed consent and Nuremberg code. All provided below. You can fact check our documents and see for yourself we do not give out medical misinformation they lied and want to censor this from you and they fell for it hook line and sinker

Now what was the lie and misinformation assholes the last 7 pages are all adverse reactions

Not of Man