World Economic Forum Davos 2022

This is used for historical and educational purposes including documentation as content is constantly removed and censored by the W.E.F after exposure like the heart beat monitor video has been completely removed from the internet

This single group of corporations and big tech control most of the world now. They are the unelected government for the world. This single group used Covid 19 to reset the world. sound like a conspiracy
You can always go by the book they wrote and see for yourself. Out of curiosity did the world vote or choose these people to do what they are. NOPE they decided to do this to you.

OH shit! it’s real. Don’t read that book the founder of the world economic forum wrote it might explain far to much of the world today
leave the poor to die
Sounds like they all know whats up. The last one is the best he openly states he is resetting the world
We can hack humans brains now
Three stages of tracking humans 2016
How they work
4th industrial revolution
Prepare for an angrier world
The rich and powerful are scared of what they will do to you. Because it will happen to them as well.
Your Covid pass
Food Economy
What is the Future of Work
Welcoming Remarks and Special Address Davos WEF22
Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani Amir of the State of Qatar Davos-2022
Preparing for the Next Pandemic with Bill Gates (Human SHIT)
Ursula von der Leyen President of the European Commission Davos WEF22
A Conversation with , CEO of YouTube
Conversation with Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer
George Soros Takes Questions at the World Economic Forum
Isaac Herzog, President of the State of Israel
Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary-General, North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Olaf Scholz, Federal Chancellor of Germany
Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain
Not of Man