Yuval Harari / Klouse Schwab: “what do we do with all the useless people” (world economic forum)

Yuval Harari / Klouse Schwab: The New Nazi’s ( World Economic Forum )

In 2016 they explain every detail of the world you live in today (2024)
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Yuval Harari: What do we do with all these useless people.
That’s just one of many absolutely frightening things this man says about humans in general. trans/human fuck boy (that does not mean transgender) He wants the world elites to live in machines so they can rule forever and subjugate the people of the world his own world.

updated 8-25-2023
In this new video he explains useless people the new world and how it will function & what is will do to society. As he claims A.I will write better music than musicians and we would like to point out.

Music touches peoples souls not because the way it is written you can write a perfect song and it sucks or you can write a terrible song and people find it amazing. (Iggy Azalea as an example)

humans identify with other humans, You can hear emotional experiences and identify with the artist you can hear and see the pain on the face of the singers and know that its coming from their heart. Anthony Oliver anyone. Lets see A.I replicate this mans voice and emotion it will never happen.

Robots and A.i can replicate anything you want them too. but they will never be human and that’s the part that we believe is lost in translation.

A.I is a copy of a copy and it can only mimic creation. due to the fact you programed it to do so.

A quick comment on this idiot. A.I will be smarter than you and your job will leave you a useless human as A.I can think far better than you ever will ( he is so happy to end his own usefulness )

now understand that as he speaks about banks and other aspects of life he is misunderstanding humanity and is openly happy to convert humanity and life it to a computer system. This is a literal attack on every person in the world and this will be your future. Do you feel excited about this!. the only way to stop it is to say no and stand up. (Hollywood started but that’s only due to fear of losing the people & power.)

Notice Gavin Newsom wont come out and say anything that’s because Hollywood is his money bag, go see who funds him and donates the most money you will see why he will not say a word.

You are losing jobs and life to a created machine made to mimic humans used to cheapen the price of labor. (they say to make life easy) seems like life is just becoming harder now that you have us fighting for jobs with machines.

remember you didn’t chose this world it was given to you by the elites and the big tech.
end of update 8-25-2023

the new song by not of man and oddley exposing their bullsh*t

You have been warned. In the end you will own nothing and be happy REMEMBER THAT. Direct from the World Economic Forum – 2016 or W.E.F

We can now program human DNA
Covid 19 has allowed us to have a complete surveillance state
what do we do with these useless people I guess get them high and let them play video games.
the poor can die while the rich and make a new noahs ark and survive
the 4th industrial revolution
Klaus Schwab we must prepare for an angrier world
How to change the world without anyone seeing it

you will own nothing and be happy you useless being

“You will own nothing and be happy” seems they have already finished the job this is from 2016 and all of this is just now coming to play!
your heart now is your identification which can be added to his chips he speaks on below
W.E.F implantable microchips 3 phases. which one are we closest too we have phones now watches and then Jan 10 2016

Remember what Klaus Said in 2016 you will carry it like a phone maybe ? then wear it like clothes or a wristband. last it will be a chip implant. O here are all three of those below

Covid Pass
First it will be a device on you like a phone maybe ?
wait wait this is a bill gates darpa funded project to do what! put microchips in your body hmmmmm
wait it seems they already are microchipping humans as products = The chip in action

Not of Man