Welcome to the New World Order in 2023

Start Publishing Date 3-3-2022 updated 1/18/2023

Joe biden there is gonna be a new world order we might as well lead it
George H.W Bush New world order 1
George H.W Bush New world order 2
This man warned us of everything that has happened from 9/11 till 2022 Really 2023)

Yuri Bezmenov warning to America in 1984

Ask yourself how many of these have happened or are now. Time to wake up folks

The ones who own you. All their faces and groups

Wow seems these groups are tied to almost everyone and all the major world orgs
from 1948

Don’t thank Joe Biden for S*, More have died under him than ever died under trump. Both are F* Ups.

Joe Biden is a Liar

Biden had a vaccine this entire time and multiple boosters that he claimed are safe effective and Stop Covid 19 all of which are lies. He know has monoclonal Antibodies and he still has more Covid deaths than Trump ever did.

Joe Biden is tied to china through Hunter, so he is compromised. Hunter paid for sex and drug benders On the staff’s card. That means your tax dollars paid for him to get high and laid. one more for good measure

China Has you Joe Not to mention the payments from the Ukraine just curious why are you so invested in making a war. Ha never mind we know you make millions in wartime
Picture of hunter working in china

He has been smuggling people in from all over to change voting districts / blocks

In order to keep political power. The Logic is rather simple: if you give people who come from another country citizenship then all they will always vote for your party. Joe moves them anywhere in the us paid by us tax dollars a yellow packet and money

The real Americans, the people who worked so hard to get to America, and go through the correct channels and live their dream should be insulted at how poorly you look at them.

He announces the new world order on 9/11 what else happened that day ?

Build Back better was never a Joe Biden idea it’s a Klaus Schwab idea and a world wide idea of one the same one George Bush Sr 41 Spoke of

Nation of laws and ideas to follow in order to keep control over populations. O no it’s another conspiracy theorist right

update 3-22-2022

Joe Biden Openly states its time for the new world order

End of update for 3-22-2022

he lied added illegal mandates and violated our human rights the man is the worst US President ever. He thought he has the right to force inject you over this lawsuit. Sadly for him the Nuremberg Code Changed all that. (He should know he was alive when the suit was filed (Bad Joke)

Christmas video
Joe Biden Violates the Nuremberg Code

A small incursion is ok video

Hunter biden laptop video

In 2019 our lives changed due to a level of fear mongering, and threats. Our rights have been stolen, laws changed, and manipulated forever. While many stayed hiding inside their homes from air. The leaders all went mask less and laughed at you when they were exposed.

Eric Holds his breathe to save us from Covid
Gavin Newsom Apology
Stacy Abrams Child Abuser
Obama Birthday Party with no masks (Video)

Over time many things have changed but one thing is always a constant.You cannot trust our leaders.

This is illegal as well going door to door asking for medical information Door to door vaccine checks video

Only those who have nothing to gain are the real truth seekers / tellers.

everyone was screaming at each other over science that has changed constantly? removed some people from their home’s other lost their jobs and had no way to pay bills?

The bomb shell no one wants you to here is the videos below

Fauci made what!!!!!!!!!

Why don’t we listen to Fauci completely lie through his teeth about the vaccine development? This was not what was told to you.

Note he says he got the virus sample from china lol

Now take a second and listen to frank church expose the C.I.A In News Media. Easy to manipulate people who don’t know the facts.

I also love how conspiracy theory was created by the C.I.A to give a crazy label to people who either have information they do not want revealed or to just discredit you .

CIA Document showing them coining the term conspiracy theorist against people who have information they do not want public

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of the conspiracy theory initiative is how ingrained it became into US law.

Zero Hedge examined this in depth, discovering that judges are “trained to look at conspiracy allegations as just another legal claim to be dis proven or proven based on the specific evidence.”

• “Federal and all 50 states” have codes that include statutes and punishments for anyone committing a conspiracy.

• Law schools teach conspiracy law as a “fundamental legal concept”.

Fauci 2017 video explaining trump will be faced with a surprise pandemic

Peter daszak covid 19

Gain of Function Payments from 2014 – 2019. They are still funding Daszak in 2022 BTW

Fauci defuse questions

Fauci answers questions about project defuse which was confirmed by the pentagon

And docs

Arrest Fauci, Daszak, Baric, Collins
FDA 150,000 dead for every million vaccinated
Lena wen
Albert bourla

Bill and Melinda gate foundation pop control

They printed money without thinking about the end result? You print money endlessly it will lose value and your $1 is actually 25 cents. Like substances the harder they are to get the more the value. Its why you see currency like 1 million yen. ITS CALLED INFLATION

The medical systems have been manipulated and told what to do instead of doing what is right by the patients …

Kaiser and Pfizer are doing safety studies on the vaccine in 2021 Liars you said you did those O wait we have those as well….
Death records
Pfizer Pharmacologic Overview

Pfizer trials 1 2 and 3 show shedding and far more than they have told you

From June 2021

Vax Insert Videos

Vax Side Effect Videos https://www.notofman.com/covid-19-vaccine-side-effects/

here is the real list of side effects on page 16

Dod Project Salus shows the vaccine causes ADE antibody dependent enhancement. Your immune system eats its self then you die.

They divided us by color, religion, who we love. They allowed a year of racism chaos and burning down of cities.

Joe Biden the racist

Karen’s freaking out over police lives matter

They were paid by the ford foundation and BLM for this

Peaceful protests

Not of Man Demo Video with the peaceful protests footage and threats from the democrats which threatened violence all through 2020
why would you do this and then act as if the people are the threats to the country

Children mothers’ fathers’ police all Killed in 2020.A failed pull out of Afghanistan, in which they knew it was not safe. Biden is a failure of a human

the death counts on the screen daily and now only case numbers? maybe because less are passing or now, they have started to report the numbers correctly.

We could not find a death ticker on fox if anyone has a screen of it please send and i will add to the report

This was all we found.

Now Russia is being used as blunt object to beat fear into you again. Again I will Show this Video of The Cold War KGB Defector spy Explaining what will be happening in the US. in 20 years keep in mind everything he said has happened in the exact order, The chaos started in 2001 watch this as if its 2001 – 2022 Notice anything

Cold war photos

Wake Up.

This is a game they have already lost, and they know it listen to Biden tell us

the elections will be rigged in 2022

There is already voter fraud and some how people are messing it up already.

They are going to bow out of the mandates now out of fear they have lost their party. They are afraid of being exposed, all the corruption and lies get harder and harder to hide. now they will slowly try to phase out face coverings and Vaccines as smooth and unnoticeable as possible.Then claim in 2023 the defeat of the pandemic and explain how their hard work and effort saved all of us.

when in reality they f* up our kids mental health and killed the elderly in the nursing homes damaged society.

But everyone needed a study to know this. when we didn’t and obviously bill gates didn’t either

A review of lockdowns pdf

Bill gates knew the effects so did we May 27 2021 (below Video)

Gavin newsom why the crime rate is so high

When really all they did was hurt you change the way the United states functions. (be more aware of the robber’s feelings, and you don’t get as much because a term called equity = It’s bulls*) equality not equity

Equity = racist stupidity (Political agenda)

Racist Commercial. Tv now labels everyone by color. Tv news is the worst if they dont say a color its because of things like the above. All are equal Obama was president we voted for him
C.I.A Placement of assets in media to control the information and how you think

Your main stream media A* H*, want words and statues changed, they have no idea what suffering really is. they live in a nice house or apart and have no idea what fighting through your life on a daily basis is like. So for them its no big deal reading from the script. its just a job they don’t care about who they hurt in the process.

We love all and want all to live without fear of racism and hate from any aspect, but that becomes impossible when all you hear is negativity around you in order to create chaos and divide us from one another.

If we cant talk to each other we cant see the others point of view, we just hear the talking head on TV. if we cant see each other we cant communicate if we cant listen to one another because we are blinded by the talking heads then we have all lost

its time to come together everyone and put an end to all of this bullshit. proof they read from a scripts (almost every damn channel)

You heard a TV tell you that whites hate blacks and its normal for riots and looting. Its just like the Boston tea party don’t get it twisted. You heard we need to BLOW UP down the system.

Sept 2020

(This is a message to don, You are gay black man who is with a white man. You have all your bases covered. No one can say anything bad about you. Yet your still a racist f* ball who has 0 credibility)

You work for CNN the biggest joke in any room

Q. Who are you with ? A. CNN (everyone starts cracking up)

We just want to thank you without you. ALL OF YOU

We would have never decided to expose all of the worlds bulls* lies.

You SJW’s, racist’s, and lying news media created us, Expect more.

Get the facts or get the f* out of our way

Truth and nothing but the truth

– all of us Not of Man

to the Media – see you soon

Not of Man