(Welcome to Her End) Moderna and Pfizer Injured and Killed NoM’s Family

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This is just the start everything they removed from the old site. It will all be back up and more evidence than they wanted to see the light of day will be made public WE ALL told you do not F* with us anymore

Pfizer and Moderna Injured and Killed Not of Man’s Family

Caymen Chemicals Dr Jane Kelly of Moderna it does contain sm 102 which is chloroform
So Chloroform can turn into ethanol can water really turn into wine. When has a chemical compound been manipulated to be named something new and have the dangers removed

Track – Welcome to Her End – Album – Not of Man (2023)

This is in memory of my grandma murdered by the vaccine Jan 19 2022

Fuck you mother fuckers
you can look at me and say
that I may be crazy
but I’m a tell ya somethin eh

I got enough Documents
to show you what I say
so fuck that conspiracy theorist shit,



So fuck you, and fuck your little mentality
where I gotta wear a diaper on my face you fuckers see
that you mean nothing to me mother fuckers and you know
that if you try to fuck with me I’m showing you the dough

So fuck you
and fuck your life
and fuck your reality
and fuck that fuckin mask
and that vaccine you tried to sell me

I don’t wanna listen no mo you fucking bitch
Here’s my middle finger you can sit on it and twist
don’t talk to me you little fucks I have nothing left
I’ve done it all said it all and wasted fucking breath

I got them documents to show that you had fuckin lied
I got them document to show She has fuckin died

All of them people that you left sittin down
Ended up vibrating on the ground
To bad for them people they don’t know
That you lied and used the prep act for some dough

vaccinated people vibrating on the floor
Moderna paid 400 Million to the N.I.H For royalties on a patent that is exactly the same as the other others Gene therapies only its 4x stronger. Moderna and pfizer are back and fourth sueing each other. What not many know is the new so called cancer vaccine will be mRNA. Yet it causes cancer so create an issue to cure the issue it seems its the pattern

So now they’re in their homes and beggin for that air
Their asking for their family and nobody is there
They can’t see their friends and they can see some kids
Over a mandate you stupid fucking bitch

Hospital Visitor Bans Under Scrutiny After Disability Groups Raise Concerns Over Care

So grandma sat there for the
Last three years of her life
And she wondered what she could do
Cuz she couldn’t go out at night

Couldn’t see her friends
couldn’t have some fun
she couldn’t live her life
before you fucked up everyone

And now you wanna tell her
That she’s gotta sit inside a cell
And wait for the day before
She gets to go to hell

Guess what mother Fucker
You’ve never met me before
Because I am the Devil and you’ll
never reach that fucking door

I am gonna stand on this mother fucking tower
and look down on all you bitches
and I’m gonna fuckin shower
all of this damn piss on top of your face
mother fuck Obama and these Hollywood fakes
they hold fucking parties
and they all laugh like shit
they treat you like slaves
you stupid fucking bitch

Obama’s Birthday party fill with celebrities without masks and not on lock down but you sure the hell were

it’s time to wake up and see they fucking lied
they don’t give a shit if you fucking die

They sold you all a story
its safe and effective
don’t worry kids
you’ll all be protected
but why are the kids takin vaccines at all
they are the lowest risk of it all ya’ll

Covid: Children’s extremely low risk confirmed by study
Children and young people remain at low risk of COVID-19 mortality

may it’s a question you shouldn’t ask me
You should ask the government or maybe
ask Dr Fauci

Cuz I’m tired of fight for ya’ll
when you’re just sitting at home
and wont question at all

Not of Man