We will not report on Russia or Ukraine.

To be blunt its a distraction. The U.S likes to play world police and should focus their efforts on the united stated and their blatant violation of human rights and Nuremberg code violations and murder of its own citizens and claiming it was to save them.

As time goes on like we said on Feb 18 2022 this is a way to distract and allow them to end the mandates as soon as possible. this will all be over in 2023 and they will claim Joe Biden stopped and saved us all from the pandemic. He made it worse and we can prove it ( spend 5 mins on our site )

They realize they have lost the people, the party, and they need to keep control. So what is making them lose popularity was all their stupid worthless mandates. All the PPP loans that went out an example is Newsom in California defrauding Americans out of millions. for his plupjack winery. Covid was created by the United states and China which is why we will never get a real answer to why anything happened.

Do not let them distract you from the life you have been stuck in for years it is all their faults. They lied didn’t follow the science and play politics with peoples lives and all of them should be arrested and charged.

Understand its not that we don’t care or that we don’t want Ukraine to be free and safe from the violence. Our goal has always been to expose the leaders frauds and lies. While Joe Biden started this war with his loose lips and stupid responses. We will not be distracted or fear mongered to over something they created

—Not of Man Enjoy the weekend everyone

dont be distracted focus on your countries and whats being changed while the tv no longer reports as much fear as they did before. War is endless content for news stations to give you worthless stories. You will see buildings burning people crying and samples of gun shots or explosions and it will be all they play

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