We Told you That Xbox Was Spying On Your Kids and Again We We’re Right.

Here is the first story. It explains everyone will be spied on if this bill passes.
The problem we find with most things is, they are already doing them before the bill has been created.

We believe it an essential right to have privacy. for everyone kids and adults
The Government and corporations do not.

So you understand their main source for data gathering is the free games your kids play. In the fine print it will explain this is exactly what is being done and is why it is free.

Then your kids will turn around and ask you to by them an outfit for something that does not exist in the psychical world and you now just paid to have your kids spied on. (battlefield games and call of duty do this as well) it is the reason they had the new account creation on consoles. Any game that forces you to stay online to play is studying you. That includes the consoles themselves.

from the end of covid in 2023 do not expect an ounce of privacy in the future.

with the new stupid idea from apple (google glasses 2.0)

we now have idiots who will walk around taking screen shots of your faces
because when you are in public there is no expectation of privacy.
yet there should be with new tech.

Pedo’s , creeps, are gonna have a field day taking pics of the girls and boys.

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