Joe Biden: War is coming and the Tv is preparing you for it.

Article start date 3-24-2022 updated 4-18-2023

Video Update below. He is openly speaking is war terms 3-26-2022

End of Update 3-26-2022 dont forget we have no troops in Ukraine and this is not a proxy war with Russia (sarcasm)

Picture above has been censored it again

this was the censored photo why would they remove this

We have troops in Poland. More than has been stated publicly, again they have lied. why not just tell the truth that the number is 20,000 soon. So why is it that you keep hearing about trying to get Ukraine as a part of Nato? It’s actually very simple in war you always want to have a advancement over their movement, or their ability to run in and attack with sock and awe.

Well if Ukraine becomes part of NATO that means the U.S. will have soldiers stationed in Ukraine and in the back yard of Russia. Not only will they have been Bio weapons facilities between the Ukraine and the United states strangely some funded by Hunter Biden.

Putin is beyond done with Covid and is probably scared of the next pandemic and see’s an issue with both of these on his boarder.

would we let china build bio weapons in Mexico or Canada ? NO
Would we want china to make a deal in Mexico or Canada to put Chinese soldiers in the boarder of the united states ? Very Simply put F No.

So why is it so crazy to think this is the actual issue Putin has with Ukraine and the United states at this moment.
we in no way support what Russia is doing but the media is preparing the population for war.
You can feel it when they speak, You hear it in every segment, the never ending news cycle.

in the 80s this was the exact same. Do not believe for one second that propaganda is being played on all sides
the United States has been insane in the amount as of the 2 last years. Russia will probably claim the same about their armies that we do.

We are going to be in the never ending cycle repeating again.
This time what if the button is pushed and you world leaders destroy all of it.
because of your stupidity.

Its time to stop and think for a second a Nuclear war would end life as we know it and chemical weapons will only start a world war. Biden has troops being moved as this is typed so expect to hear that soldiers wont be sent in. Then they will be

Then suddenly boom of war has begun and no one in America really understands what the hell just happened.

Covid one day you get start getting exposed about the fact you don’t want to release the data for fear we might see what you have been hiding and now Ukraine takes over TV So the distraction you made was to lead all of the united states to war Good fucking job

Please wake up We don’t want and don’t need war you in the media know what you’re doing and you need to stop it

For Joe Biden you started this and now our kids will end up finishing it thanks to your lack of leadership, ability, and power. As the president you come across weak, powerless, decrepit, old, bubbling fool .

Do not send our kids to war for Ukraine this is not our war. Stop playing Risk. with the lifes you have already stolen by making them pay millions in taxes for the wonderful 2500 checks everyone got. I’m Done with you for today


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