This is a direct message to the censor fuck you all. You lying manipulative fucks

we see you we watch you we record you and we don’t care what you think of us or what we post.
this is completely utterly laughable that a big powerful government has to hide a little ol website posts
because you are scared of people being educated.

Joe Biden Sexual abuse
Why are you trying to hide the president is a child abuser (sexual) we have copoes of the diary printed and we will make sure you can no longer censor world wide and in the U.S
our teams will now be delivering each story to the homes in all of their areas due to your actions.

Hunter Biden Documents
Why wont you let the updated Hunter Biden documents be shown at the top of our site we can tell when you affect the site instantly. The pages start to work differently and you log us out if we change pages and it only happens when we work on stories you are trying to hide you bitch ass fuckers

Songcastmusic censorship lies fraud
now we are watching the lack of page updates the top of the screen should have a new menu item that is called songcastmusic are frauds and it will detail how they are not releasing the new album and rather are removing our music from services due to what they called threats and what we have proven as facts that they have done to us.

Not of Man