The Restrict Act Bill S.686

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The Restrict Act Bill S.686 (Patriot act part 2 American treason) “He who gives his freedom for safety gets none of them.” Thomas Jefferson

Bill S.686 (Privacy Invasion on crack)
20 years and 1,000,000,000 fine for using a VPN
taking away games, Apps, Services if they deem you or what you are doing a threat
get ready for the slavery.

An explanation of the bill

Seems this idiot has no idea what he signed

Bill S.686 spying on Americans
On page 19

The patriot act was passed as a way to watch terrorists and ended up being how they spied American citizens Thank you to Edward snowden for exposing this in full

All of this is a violation of the First and fourth amendment yet they will claim its for national security

Game Systems will be used as an example of how this is done already may seem weird but once you understand you will see why we used gaming systems.

All gaming systems require you to be online now they have your name address and phone number, email. Also include possibly your social media and even access to your phone via the dashboard apps. The Xbox or PlayStation knows where you are at all times including who you talk to. understand any service that requires this information is spying on you as a user and your habits and they will always say its for a better user experience

but wasn’t a DVD player and VCR just fine. it never asked for that information. Now your TV asks for your life story. This is how they eliminate stores and control content. with advancing tech they couldn’t just make it a nice TV and if you had these services you could use them. No you need all that information to even use the TV Back to the gaming console

The next generation will no longer have disks in order to control content and ability to access.

at this point in time If you do something they do not like they can shut you out and shut you down. Remove your ability to use or access anything. leaving you offline and many games unable to be played.
which means they have taken the product away and removed you for whatever reason they chose the ban.

Xbox one had issues with release because people did not want the console required to be online to so gamers could play. xbox 360 you didnt need to be online to game or have a profile on the system.
Now you are required to give all your personal information in order to just make an account.

xbox fought this, and actually made negative remarks about their users their intention was to use the cloud to run games and update the system without user interactions. Why would this really be an issue for them ?

with the new windows 11 basically being spyware and no matter how you want to keep your personal information private Microsoft has access to everything on your systems and the information kept on them. This bill keeps in line with this mind set its a way to track and trace everything you do and what type of person you are.

So to explain this in detail…
Netflix studies your habits of what you like to watch. ( you can understand a person by what they watch are you a horror buff do yo like k dramas or christian tv. This gives a baseline of personality)
each of these type of movie watchers have distinct personality traits. which they can now tie to you

Spotify which listens to your voice and can offer suggestions based on your vocal tone. Also you can see what type of person you are by what you like to listen to. You a gangster rap type country music world music hour and trance death metal maybe ( again personality types each listen to this)

Spotify wants to suggest songs based on your emotions

now think of how this was slowly implemented they worked out cd’s with i pods and Napster / spotify / mp3 players. Before these days once you owned the album you could always go back and listen no need to sign in give your personal information to listen to music and them stream from your home or location and be monitored just so you could hear a song. This goes for netflix amazon and any streaming service.

Not to mention by moving everything to these platforms the artists no longer have control over their product. If Big tech doesn’t like you they silence you. Like they do to Not of Man’s Band

This is extremely important as these systems are now monitoring and studying your children while they are supposed to be safe online. They can hear all conversations and record them. they are tied to their account with their names and addresses and personal information.

For those of you who think if im doing nothing wrong i have nothing to worry about are beyond confused with what is being explained if they can get this information we can or anyone else and it can and will be used against you.

Not of Man