The reason they keep you stupid

below we will explain the reason they keep you stupid

welcome to the new world of manipulation through education

So you call us crazy conspiracy theorists we call you fucking murdering liars

Jen Psaki Lies through her teeth

Yet you censor medical information from the public in order to keep them controlled and unaware
you harm and hurt others with force and intimidation.
You push society to the brink and told them to be violent.

Don Tells you exactly what is going to happen and even uses blow up entire system and pack the courts with Dems. YOU are watched too morons

You force them in their homes for 3 years and lied to them.
You kill massive numbers of people and censor it.

The real death numbers before the censored them

This video below is what the NAZI’s fucking did. YouTube censored this from you as well.

Operation Home Bound Not sure if you can clearly hear a no in there.

You lied about the safety studies
You lied about the vaccines

The vaccine is ineffective against re infection but keep getting those boosters why ???
The document shows it sheds and more people died in the vaccinated than in the placebo why would they censor that. that a conspiracy theory right Nope listen to the FDA say it
Then the cdc over rides the FDA and information and they bitch turns around and lies to the public
Rochelle Lies
Another lie

You all lied to gain control and most of the world is barley waking up to you.
we have all have been watching and monitoring since around 1980
well world, we want you to understand it’s time to become extremely educated in history
understand the laws and human rights violations they did to you
because they all made you scared to death.
of a fraud.

Now their history has become a new age Nazi murdering death cult.
They will deny and try to hide this for all of time.
this means if you are educated you know the Nuremberg code violations
and that means they get tried and hung.
Doctor’s to the nurses who vaccinated you.
without your informed consent
and had you sign a document to protect them under a fraud (Prep ACT)

The prep Act

Wonder why they are so scared and censored us and our music.

If you know the truth you know what was done to
the children
the elderly
the sick
Even the ones born different

they now use you as a study and see the effects of their new
societal test of control and manipulation through fear and intimidation.

work like a charm on the uneducated

please wake up we love you
Not of Man

Why did they hide this……

The ingredients to the vaccines

Just one small fraud……… exposed for now.

Enjoy your Sm 102 or should we say chloroform wait they changed the name to ethanol now.
also why would a chemical company change what the ingredient is labeled
once we caught them and the ingredients along with each items listed side effects and hazards
most everything in this vaccine is not for human use.

Here is Caymen chemicals telling you it is in the vaccine

Yes chloroform is in the vaccine
They censored the fuck out of this one

Informed consent / Nuremberg Code Violations if you knew this information would you have taken the jab? Our Guess is no

That list of side effects is from Oct 30 2020. But they are saying these are the side effects of covid now?
HA now you see why they are.

Not of Man