The Dirty Little Secret of Electric Cars

IN previous stories we had mentioned this but never really brought attention to it. With the 2035 being the goal for all cars to go electric in CA we wanted to bring this to light so you can understand in the eyes of the watchers what is being done.

They say that E.V Electric Vehicles do not emit emissions that does not seem to be be the case. As stated before to create you need carbon, from plastics to your E.V. We hope to show you that this goal of freeing the world from this nasty little thing called carbon, which do not forget humans are made from.

So our goal in exposing this more and more over time will be in hopes that the powers that be and maybe even Elon Musk could address this issue. As he seems to be the only one you could ask and get an honest answer.

So understand what you will see in order to work out the gas powered drivers

1. gas will start to become overpriced. Beyond what we have seen.
2. Taxes will be imposed on drivers and anyone who uses fossil fuel.
3. incentives for people who use E.V’s
4. Massive propaganda (which is in play now)
5. Make people who use gas as a Divisionary political tool.
6. Out right make it illegal for public use. but corporations and governments can use it for war and product production.

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