Stanford University Violates the Nuremberg Code. Force Vaccination


Stanford university is openly violating the Nuremberg code and for force Boosting / vaccinating the students while the staff does not need to be boosted.

Below is enough evidence to sue the school into the ground if you go to Stanford university
there are multiple violations going on

Here are the laws they are breaking and they know it.

1. informed consent

 2. The Nuremberg Code

Do any of you know what’s in the vaccine ?
the full list of the side effects ?
the trails stages 1,2, and 3
placebo studies

go ask for all of those and see if you get them. 

Pharmacist realizes they have just committed a human rights violation and the same reason they hung Nazi’s in the Nuremberg Trials listen and see the fear when exposed

well all of those are needed for you to be able to give informed consent.

Testimony from vaccine trial

If you have received the vaccine without the vaccine insert you can go after your job and the medical company including the state and government for violation of your human rights and violations of the above laws

Vaccine insert Looks like this….

FAQ sheet look like this…..

from April 2021 Kaiser Permanente Informed Consent Violation
Shows none of the required information to meet standard or requirement for informed consent. To prove they did not have them.
Phone call with Kaiser exposes their Violations

Take your lives and your rights back from these New Age Nazi’s!    (N.A.N.)

full list of side effect of the Pfizer vaccine

plus the department of health documents including the vaccine ingredients and side effects.
Go to page 30 after is 9 full pages of side effects with no spaces, comma’s only.

Below you can see the effectiveness rating

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